Things I said when I was pregnant (and naïve)

naive pregnant woman

 1. I will have a water birth, with no pain relief.

You try that when your baby’s all tangled up inside you and takes two days to move into the right position to come out. Pethidine seemed like a rather lovely option at the time.

 2. I will get back into shape at least six months after giving birth.

Going for ten mile runs after being up all night with a teething baby really don’t appeal.

3.  My baby will not watch TV.

But she loves Zingzillas! And Neighbours. Who can blame her really?

 4. My baby will take a bottle.

Six months and £150 later this still hasn’t happened. We’ve tried every teat under the sun and every Tom, Dick and Harry giving it to her. She hates it.

5. I will do Yoga at least twice a week.

Tried it once. Fell asleep doing Downward Facing Dog. ‘Nuff said.



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3 responses to “Things I said when I was pregnant (and naïve)

  1. Haha, love this post.

    I have been meaning to write one of these for my blog. The list of things I said to myself that never happened is endless.

    Really like your blog, will be following 🙂

    Hannah x

    (Found you via BMB)

  2. Thanks Hannah, I think I could have written about a million things on this one. What a stupid naive woman I was!


  3. I remember a list like this only too clearly. Mine also included, no pain relief in labour (Why??), only cloth nappies, and no Barbies should I have a little girl… Little do you know how much little choice do you actually have in such matters, especially the Barbie one! Emma

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