The many benefits of an Arthur

An Arthur: very beneficial

My baby doesn’t have a brother. But she has an Arthur.

In my opinion, all first born children should have an Arthur. Not only does he show you how to “bash”, “kiss” and “throw”. But he also guides the way with eating, sleeping and potty training. Well, that’s the plan.

Let me introduce you to our Arthur. He is two and a quarter years old, three stone and has size eight feet. He also lives next door.

And baby Frog already looks up to him. In her short life so far, she has already copied him in many ways. Frog won’t take a bottle, but will drink through a straw. Just like our Arthur. Frog sleeps at exactly the same time every day and gets very mardy if this sleep doesn’t happen. Just like our Arthur. And Frog is already fiercely independent and insists on feeding herself. Just like our Arthur.

Arthur’s mum also experienced Sitting Envy, just like me. He was always the last baby to reach a certain milestone. But when he did, he did it with a certain panache that other babies couldn’t quite pull off. This puts my mind at ease because I know Frog will probably be the same.

Except for when it comes (eventually) to potty training. Here, Arthur has surpassed himself.

Before today, he wasn’t interested in his potty. Apart from the one occasion he took it to bed with him.

But then he walked across the room, stood in front of his potty…and did a wee. Standing. Like an actual grown man. And then he took a bow.

Can’t wait to see how Frog’s going to copy that one.



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13 responses to “The many benefits of an Arthur

  1. Arthur is a forced to be reckoned with – initially the photo didn’t appear and for some reason I thought Arthur was a dog but then the size 8 feet didn’t make sense – I think I’m tired! Great blog, great photos. lovely to find you.

  2. Ah thank you very much! Arthur is indeed a small child. Although he rather likes dog biscuits too and his “bestest” friend is his dog Boots. I can’t take credit for the pics, they are by A’s mum, the lovely photographer Caroline.


  3. Arthur sounds just fab! Yes it will be interesting to watch your little girl try to copy his party trick! lol

    Visiting from BMB, have followed.

    Mich x

  4. A BRILLIANTLY written article, Molly (although I am slightly biased of course…) Do you still feel the same after this afternoon’s ‘challenge’?! He is happily taking an hour over his very careful ‘choc-choc box’ decision whilst singing ‘The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish’ – you wouldn’t know he was the same child!
    It’s times like today when I am very happy to share him with you…thank you!

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