Too cute

I was going to write all about the joys of being a pop star today.

I say going to because I’m not anymore. That post will have to wait until another day, because I just have to share these amazing photos that my photographer friend emailed me.

They are by a mum in Helsinki. While her baby girl sleeps, she creates these wierd and wonderful fantasy worlds around her, from whatever she can find lying around.

While these photos do make me go aaaaaaaah, I can’t help feeling maybe she has a bit too much time on her hands. Of course, this could just be the inner Competetive Mum in me. Outdone again. Damn.



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2 responses to “Too cute

  1. Amazing!! loved this, thanks 🙂

  2. How cute are those pictures? It makes me think… why didn’t I ever think of that when I had little babies?
    But yea…. way too much time on her hands! hahaha

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