Sexy slippers

There comes a time in all relationships when you stop pretending you don’t poo and become more relaxed about shaving your legs.

I thought giving birth in front of the (self proclaimed) Northern Love Machine had taken us to that next level. He has, quite literally, seen it all. And more. But I didn’t think we had reached the Sofa Stage in our relationship quite yet. You know the one, where you give up making any sort of effort and “glamming up” is to put on a pair of jeans rather than your Primark jogging bottoms.

But it appears we have. Sort of.

Valentines Day two years ago saw me arrive home from work to a carefully thought-out treasure hunt, with little presents at each question. These included posh smellies, chocolates…all the usuals. I was bowled over. Wow.

This year Valentines Day was slightly different. The NLM came home from work last night with a lovely bottle of Champagne (tick), a Valentines Day card (tick)….a pair of slippers (hmmm) and a Brita Water Filter (what?!).

Now, a pair of slippers and a Brita Water Filter might not be your idea of true romance. Indeed, when I first opened my Valentines Day presents I admit, I was a little confused. Had we reached that stage already? What’s next, an iron for Christmas?

But then it hit me. This is the most romantic thing the NLM has ever done for me. All those times I’ve moaned about my scabby old slippers, he has actually been listening. When I’ve whittered on and on about the limescale in the kettle, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. He does listen. And he does care. Aaaaaaaaah…

So if this means we’ve reached the Sofa Stage, then fine. I’m quite happy on the sofa anyway. Especially if I’ve got my new slippers on.



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7 responses to “Sexy slippers

  1. Trina

    I got a hot water bottle. I broke my last one. I was very happy with my gift!!

  2. Ruth Lofthouse

    I got an A-Z.

  3. Aw sweet. The sofa stage is comfy eh? 🙂

  4. ghislaine forbes

    I got nothing!

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