Listography: Top 5 Movies


I’m a definite list person.

I have lists for jobs that need doing, blog posts that need writing, places I want to travel to, things I want but cannot afford (pretty much everything), food I want to eat…the list is endless (see what I did there?). Yes, I really do love a good list.

So when I saw the Listography from the very funny Kate Takes 5 I realised I had to join in. If you’re new to this, it’s quite simple. Every week Kate posts a subject for us and we go ahead and list away. This week it’s Top 5 movies. So here goes…

  1. Dirty Dancing

Because “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” is the greatest line in any film. Ever. Because it has the best soundtrack of any film. Ever. And because it has the best ending of any film. Ever.  

2. Life is Beautiful

Because this film will make you laugh hysterically and sob uncontrollably. It would be my Number One if Patrick Swayze wasn’t so damn good. I haven’t watched it since Frog was born though, because I am now a gibbering wreck at the faintest whiff of anything sad.

 3. Anchor Man

Because I am a journalist and every journalist has to appreciate this film. And the one-liners are brilliant.

  4. Elf

Because it is the greatest Christmas film ever made. And again, the one-liners are hard to beat.

  5. The Notebook

OK, I’ll be honest, I ummm’d and ahhh’d a bit about putting this one in here. I could have lied and said something witty and intelligent, or funny and thought-provoking. But the truth is I bloody love this film. Yes, it is manipulative and cringey. Yes, the acting probably isn’t great. But I don’t care. I still love it. Now don’t judge me.

**Disclaimer from the (self proclaimed) Northern Love Machine: “I do not know this woman and will have no part in her poor taste in films.”




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18 responses to “Listography: Top 5 Movies

  1. Love your list – really – we could be movie buddies. Tell the (self proclaimed) love machine to step aside and go and watch Rambo elsewhere.

  2. Molly – I haven’t seen four out of five of these – do you operate a lending service?
    My 5…
    A Few Good Men – I know all the words!
    Gran Torino – an incredible mix of truth, humour, sadness..and amazing acting.
    Shawshank Redemption – brilliant story – twisty and turny
    Love Actually – Hugh Grant’s ‘Jump’ routine – it doesn’t get better than that.
    Toy Story – because I am subjected to it most days and have forgotten what ‘real films’ are 🙂

    • I approve of your list, although do think it is lacking in a bit of Dirty Dancing action. I can help you with your film education, I have all the DVD’s. Not sure R would appreciate it though! x

  3. Dirty Dancing, a million teenage dreams dressed up in black trousers and wiggling it’s hips. Would I carry a watermelon? Hell yeah! Great list 😀

    • DD (as us fans in the know like to refer to it) does have the best lines ever, doesn’t it?! The watermelon is my second favourite after the “baby in the corner” one. I even have a list of my favourite DD lines. Maybe that is taking it a bit too far though?

  4. What a fab list! I love Dirty Dancing – that almost made my list (I went with an 80’s theme).

    Anchor Man is one of my all time faves too and Elf yay! It’s SANTA! SANTA!!!!

  5. Yay! A list with Life is Beautiful on it. And no, I haven’t wtched it since giving birth either for the same reasons.

    The Notebook, another excellent choice. And um..yeah, what chick can really claim not to love Dirty Dancing *cough* 🙂

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