Listography: Perfect Day


Since having a baby, I’ve taken to daydreaming. This is partly because I spend my days in a half-awake / half-asleep state. And partly because, when you have a baby, there are many things you can no longer do. Not without at least two months planning anyway.

The lovely Kate Takes 5 appears to also enjoy a good daydream. In this week’s Listography, she is challenging other bloggers to list the 5 ingredients to their perfect day. Brilliant. I can give my imagination free-reign to daydream away. Because, let’s face it, the chances of any of these actually happening are slim to none at the moment….

 1. An unbroken night’s sleep, followed by a lie-in.

OK, so this is technically two things and I am probably cheating here, but they both involve sleep so I think it should be allowed. Sleep is a much under-rated and unappreciated thing when you don’t have a baby. I hold fond memories of the days I could laze in bed until I felt like getting up. One last thing, I want my lie-in to involve being brought a cup of tea in bed.

 2. Someone else to cook me a scrumptious breakfast of Eggs Benedict…and to clear up afterwards.

Food always tastes better when it’s cooked by someone else. It also tastes better when you don’t have to share it with your (BLW) baby and don’t have to scrape it off the walls afterwards.

 3. Swimming with my baby

I’m not going to go all mushy here. But I bloody love going swimming with Frog. She loves it and it is brilliant fun. So, on my perfect day, once the nanny has got Frog up and given her breakfast, I am happy for her to be handed to me for a swim. As long as I can hand her back afterwards so I can have a jacuzzi and go in the steam room.

 4. A meal out with the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine

It doesn’t have to be anywhere particularly fancy. But it does have to be just the two of us and involve lots of wine and some tasty food. I’m not fussy about what sort of food. As long as there’s plenty of it, with gallons of wine, I don’t care.

5. Sambucca and dancing

I realise I am now sounding like a bit of a boozer, but in my pre-baby days, a night out wasn’t a night out unless Sambucca was involved at some point. I expect I would only have to sniff the stuff now and I would be on the floor. But I’d like to give it a go. It would help with the dancing to come later on, with all my mates. Not fussy about the music, but it would help if 99 Red Balloons was in there somewhere.



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6 responses to “Listography: Perfect Day

  1. Trina

    You have left the mirror out of point 5. Then, and only then, it would be a perfect night.

  2. Number 4 isn’t far away Miss Forbes 🙂

  3. I’m sure that was three I counted in No. 1….I like your style. And dancing with your reflection? I bet you thought she was your NBF! Hilarious. There goes your street cred in blogland too. Thanks Trina.

    • Oh no! Can’t believe my secret is out. You’re right, I did think my reflection was my NBF – I thought she was pulling some super moves and was very impressed. P.S. Do I get disqualified for cheating?!

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