Because I have been a mardy mum

No one can resist a laughing baby, right?

Well, because I have been a mardy old bag this week I am going to share a clip that is very very cute (in my opinion).

I am doing this because I am full of happiness and love and annoying “I love my life” vibes. This may be because today has been spent at a  singing class with my baby (I am clearly the best singer in the group, obviously) and splashing in puddles with a gorgeous toddler. Or it may be because I have already consumed two glasses of wine.

Anyway, here’s the clip. The baby isn’t mine by the way. It’s been doing the rounds on the likes of Facebook etc (the clip, not the baby, that would just be wrong).



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6 responses to “Because I have been a mardy mum

  1. Hellie

    Urrr I think you’ll find that I, with my blocked up nose, was clearly the best singer this morning…. Sweetiepie !

  2. love it. this really made me chuckle too, so thanks for posting! takes me back to when mine were little and could giggle like that. There is still nothing better than when they have uncontrollable laughter!

  3. I LOVE this clip – have seen it a few times and still as funny as the first. Have also tried it with my little one – she was not impressed! Such an anticlimax 🙂

    New to your blog, hi!

  4. we have just been watching this on FB, its so funny, Jack loves it, its enough to make anyone smile!

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