Fill in the blanks…

I am a very bad blogger. Very bad indeed.

I was tagged more than a week ago by Lexie at the brilliant Mother Porridge to “fill in the blanks”. Like the naughty kid at school that I never was, I have only just completed the “assignment”. Bad me. I blame teething, red wine, dirty socks and too much work (unfortunately I don’t have a dog).

So, here it is. And sorry it was late. Please don’t hate me.

I am…a worry wart. I worry constantly, all the time, about pretty much everything. I try to maintain the persona of relaxed Earth Mother, but I don’t think it’s particularly convincing.

The bravest thing I have ever done…Hmmm, I could say “given birth” here. Or I could say “bungee jump”. Or I could even say “asked former Reading boss Steve Coppell for a kiss live on Sky News” (don’t ask). But I’m going to plump with “attempted stand up comedy”. That was literally the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done. And needless to say, I won’t be doing it any time soon.

I feel prettiest when…I’m not caked in bits of rice cake and bolognaise. Or poo. Or crusty milk. (Not often then.)

Something that keeps me up at night…Are you joking? My baby. Obviously. And my partner’s wind.

My favourite meal is…Thai Green Curry with king prawns. Preferably eaten on a beach in Thailand. Yum.

The way to my heart is…make me laugh. I’m a sucker for funny stuff.

I would like to be…More confident in my own abilities. And two stone lighter. Can I have two things please?

That’s it. Grade me as you will. Please don’t make me pay a penalty for lateness, it will never happen again (promise).

I tag:

The Real Boatwife

I Know I Need to Stop Talking

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8 responses to “Fill in the blanks…

  1. Lexie martin

    Thanks for replying! Took ages to write mine too. Highlyintrigued by the comedy act more details please x

    • I don’t know if I can re-live the trauma of it all….ah go on then….Basically, I had to do it for work. I stoked myself up with gin, went on stage and told some awful jokes, many of which I forgot the punch lines to. As if the humiliation of being a gin-soaked bad joke telling woman wasn’t bad enough, I looked down to see Jim Rosenthal in the audience (he’s that famous bloke that does the Sport on TV). Not smiling. In fact, I’d go so far as to say he looked deeply uncomfortable.

      It was all recorded and played out on the radio the next day. And put on the radio station’s website. Lucky me.

  2. Thanks for the Tag but I beat you to it 🙂 see here
    wow brave you on the comdey front!! not something you’d ever catch me doing! I’d go with you on the 2 stone lighter bit 🙂

  3. Michelle Rogers

    Wow, I am impressed! I wouldn’t attempt stand up comedy for £100 million. No way!! It’s far too terifying. But, who knows – maybe when I’m a wise old lady of 88 I may quite like to give it a go 😉

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