Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2 and 3

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

In my efforts to become more of a lover (again, not that kind) I am taking part in the Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2 and 3 bloghop.

For those of you not “down” with the blog lingo (yes mum, that’s you) here is how it works: Mummy From The Heart starts us off with her three reasons to be cheerful. We then follow her lead and list our own reasons. Pretty simple really.

So, here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

  1. Frog has started sleeping through the night.I realise as I type this that I am probably tempting fate. So I don’t particularly want to elaborate. In short, it means I am no longer looking at dustbins longingly.
  2. I survived my first foray into postnatal exercise.I may have wet my pants, but am least I’m still alive.
  3. Frog managed to avoid the carpet when she did a poo earlier.This is a big deal. Recently she has taken to releasing her offerings straight onto the carpet before trying to cram the lot in her mouth. Tonight, she avoided the carpet and did it straight on the towel.

There you are, then. This is what my life has become. Cheerful because I only wet my pants a little and the baby has given up eating poo. Oh the glamour.


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6 responses to “Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2 and 3

  1. Oh this made me giggle. great reasons

  2. Thanks for making me smile with your reasons!!

  3. Honest reasons. Real reasons. Reasons you will laugh about when you are onto the next parenting challenge.
    I felt my life really narrowed when I became a parent and ten years on I am just about working it out.
    Well done you for parenting on the tough days and for wetting your pants with such aplomb! You are soooo not alone!
    My reasons are over at

  4. Ha ha! Fab reasons, the poo comment made me laugh 😀 Congrats on getting your sleep back too – wheee! Thanks for popping over to Bodfortea and commenting earlier. It didn’t publish for some reason so I hope you don’t mind but I popped it on there on your behalf. It was such a good comment that I didn’t want to lose it! x

  5. Michelle Twin Mum

    Lol, I have to educate my Mum in the ins and outs of blogging too! An interesting mix of reasons to be cheerful! *ahem*

    Have a fab Sunday, Mich x

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