One Word

Tag – I’m “it”….

In plain English, this means another blogger (the brilliant Kate Takes 5) has tagged me in a post she has written, after she was tagged by someone else. It’s a bit like a chain letter, but far more fun. For all you seasoned bloggers reading this, I realise you know what a Meme is and are completely “down” with the blog lingo about tagging etc. But my mum isn’t. And she’s my most loyal reader.

Anyway, this one’s all about you.

The idea was conceived by Michelle at Mummy From The Heart. I’ll let her explain (as I have a tendency to go off on a tangent and ramble and then people stop listening as they have no idea what I’m on about and if you’re still reading this you have amazing eyesight…..)

This got me thinking about an email I received a few years back, one of those circular things that I normally hate but this one I loved and have never forgotten. It was about the power of positive affirmations and how knowing what positive things others think of you can boost your own self-esteem. It talked of an inspirational teacher who got all her children to write one positive word down to describe the other children in the class and then they had to hand them in. The teacher then collated all the positive words for each child into a special sheet for them and handed it to them to read and keep. They learnt that their peers saw them in ways they had never imagined and it had an immense effect on them. The story goes that one of them died and a number of them attended the funeral and it was found that they all still had their lists 20 or so years later as they had been really touched by this loving gesture. Did this really happen? Who knows, but I love the sentiment of this story and therefore it does not matter to me if it was real.

Now here’s where you come in. Click on the comments bit and write down one word that describes me. But please don’t make it “drunk” or “incontinent”. Unless you’re reading this after 7pm, by which time “drunk” would probably be a very apt description.



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15 responses to “One Word

  1. Friend : A new mummy blogger friend x

  2. Incontidrunk?

    Failing that,

    funny 🙂

  3. Talented – possibly at being drunk and incontinent but definitely at writing and not failing to make me chuckle and smile 🙂

    Thanks for the tag xxx

  4. Michelle Twin Mum

    Ohh, do not really know you well enough to comment but my gut instinct from what I have read is good fun.

    Mich x

  5. Lexie martin

    Friendly x

  6. I don’t know you that well enough but I’d go with funny from what I’ve seen.

  7. is it after 7 pm your time? if so ‘a drunken lush’ if not…then FAB! i enjoy your blogs, and you seem great fun.

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    see you soon, tamsyn xxx

  8. Fun aunty Lizzy

    Wonderful sister…ok this is two words and have just finished a horrendous on call with 2 cardiac arrests and a consumed a glass of wine on a piece of toast- but I love you and your funny blogs! Will phone tomorrow xxx

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