The Gallery: Trees

I’ve spent the last ten minutes sitting here trying to think of something funny or witty or remotely unique that has ever happened to me involving trees.

There was the time I got stuck in the tree house at my cousin’s and had to be rescued. Not particularly original. I mean, we’ve all done that haven’t we?

There was the time I was horrendously, hugely, sweatily pregnant and spent two weeks hobbling from the shade of one tree to another before eventually giving up and sitting in a paddling pool for four days.

There was the time I freaked out during a camping expedition and truly, genuinely believed the trees were alive and were coming to get me. (I think this may have coincided with my first taste of alcohol, aged 14).

But I’m sure all of the above have happened to pretty much everyone, right?

So, I’ve decided to make my debut Gallery entry let it speak for itself. This week’s theme is (yes, you’ve guessed it)….Bananas! Okay, only joking, yep it’s Trees.

As I haven’t joined in The Gallery before, I’ll explain what it’s all about (mainly for you, mum). Every week a theme is posted at Sticky Fingers and we have to find a photograph to match it.

As I rather enjoy a walk in the woods with Frog and her big-next-door-brother Arthur, I thought I’d share a picture of one of these moments. As ever, it’s taken by the lovely Caroline Gue (who is fabulously talented etc etc and if you haven’t already done so, you should check out her website).

So, without further ado, here’s my entry to this week’s Gallery, theme of Trees…

Arthur and his trees



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12 responses to “The Gallery: Trees

  1. Great photo Caroline!

  2. perfect! welcome to the Gallery.
    I love the tunnel effect and the light at the end.
    great stories too

  3. That looks like every little boys dream hidey hole!! I’ve never climbed a tree, I’ve always been scared of heights, but my nephew is a great tree-climber and scares my brother silly when he finds it funny to disappear up one!

    CJ xx

  4. amy

    oooh its like a tunnel! x

  5. looks like a great place for adventures!

  6. Lovely, looks like a tree tunnel.

    Glad your brush with alcohol as a teen didn’t put you off trees for life 😉

    Great Gallery debut!

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