I see everything differently now I’m a mum.

That’s not to say I was a heartless cow before. But something changes when you become a mum.

Maybe it’s the hormones. Or maybe it’s the sleep deprivation. Or maybe (and I think this is probably the most likely thing) it’s the constant ability to see other children in need and imagine them as your own child. It’s an empathy thing.

So watching the aftermath of the disaster in Japan and seeing all those children who’ve lost parents and brothers and sisters and pretty much everything they know in the world…well, I find it hard, to say the least.

I saw a photo yesterday that really got me. It’s probably because the photograph is of a baby, only a couple of months younger than my own. She’s one of the lucky ones. Plucked alive from the rubble after three days, her parents also survived.  A perfect symbol of hope.

Associated Press image





Ghostwriter Mummy blogged tonight about the way the children in her class have reacted to the disaster. You can read her post here.

You can also help raise money for Japan by visiting some of these sites…

Authors for Japan


World Vision

Save the Children

Shelter Box


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