Spin the decks

My baby reckons she’s the next Judge Jules.

Her favourite past-time is to sit in her Baby Diva Seat (not the actual name of the toy, although I do think it is a far better name than the real one) and to spin the decks. She also chunters into the microphone and bangs the keyboard. Not far removed from my attempts at musicality actually.

Babies are so lucky.

Because, while Frog pretends to be the next Fatboy Slim or Britney Spears, she is learning.  So, therefore, it is a perfectly valid activity. She’s got it so good.

I keep telling her to make the most of it. By the time she’s 27, any pop star impressions will have to be done under wraps. Unless she’s drunk of course. I don’t suppose she’ll have the excuse that singing into a hairbrush is actually educational.  It hasn’t worked for me at any rate.

So this leads me onto my entry for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers this week. The theme is Education. And I’ve chosen a picture taken less than half an hour ago of Frog spinning the decks.  The big yellow thing is supposed to be a microphone, not a block of cheese.


Frog's mash-up



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6 responses to “Spin the decks

  1. She looks like she’s having a great time!

  2. nice!

    my daughter seems to be same age as yours and she spends hours cruising around in her walker dancing!

  3. Aw we had one of those!! We called it the ba-ba-doo-whop. Does it still have ‘sing it baby’ on the mic?!

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