Ooh, get me

I’m a little stunned. And rather smug.

I’ve been wandering around the house all evening demanding everyone ask for my autograph. But seeing as I only live with one man and one baby, I haven’t signed as many as I’d have liked.

The reason for my decision to thrust pieces of paper at my family and start wearing sunglasses indoors? I’ve won an award.

The lovely Deb at Making Life More Beautiful has awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award.

I’d love to bang on and on with a lengthy acceptance speech. But alas, this award comes with rules.

These are:

1)      Link 10 blogs 2) Tell these bloggers about the award 3) Write 10 facts about yourself.

So here goes…

1)      I like Take That and LOVE Gary Barlow.

So much so, that when I saw them live in 2009 I burst into tears when they appeared on stage. Much to the amusement of my sister and the (self proclaimed) Northern Love Machine. What can I say? It was an emotional time for me.

2)      I’m scared of, and a little obsessed with sharks.

My favourite documentaries are ones about sharks. But I’ve never been able to watch Jaws all the way through. Far too scary. I have, however, dived with sharks. But they were only wimpy little ones in Thailand. Not the real deal like this fella…

3)      The midwife who delivered Frog was called April.

I know this because the only thing I can really remember about the whole horrendous experience was moaning “I love April, good old April, she’s the best”…

4)      I once found myself naked in front of five firemen.

In my bedroom. But not in a kinky way. I’m saving the rest for another blog post. Suffice to say if you think the lolling breast episode was embarrassing, this beats it hands down.

5)      When I was around seven, I went through a superstitious faze.

This involved having to do a very odd little thing before either walking through a door or walking down the road. I puffed out my cheeks, held my nose and twirled on the spot. No idea why. I just did. It was my thing.

6)      I have hairy toes.

But you know this already.

7)      I rather like Poirot.

And Midsummer Murders. And any murder mystery type thing really. It may not be the coolest but I can’t help it.

8)      I went to two universities.

Ooh, get me with my varied education. Alas, I don’t have a PHD. I have a degree in English Literature and a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (for which I received a distinction. Not so thick now eh?).

9)      I once read the news in my bra outside a shopping centre.

Photographic evidence that I’m not actually lying:

10)  I love prawns.

Add an avocado and I’m yours. I can’t help it, I like 70s food. Yum.


It’s now my turn to share the award (feel free to roll out a red carpet and demand wine be brought to you on a silver platter)….

Kate Takes 5

The Crazy Kitchen

Dummy Mummy

Northern Mummy with Southern Children

Manana Mama

Mummy from the Heart

Waterbirth Please

Ghostwriter Mummy

Circus Queen

Nimble Fingers Steady Eyebrows




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11 responses to “Ooh, get me

  1. Well other than the fact that you DIDN’T nominate me *flounce* VERY well done you. Can I have your autograph?

  2. Hey, congrats kreativ lady, and thanks for bestowing the award on my (currently inflating) shoulders! I would like an autographed photograph of the hairy toes, can I get one of those?

  3. I absolutely think I need your autograph lady and your post had me in stitches as usual (the reason I gave it you! totally unique writing style that no one could imiate… LOVE IT!).

    Gary Barlow?? Is that because of his wallet? *stiffles a giggle* and the firemen? If I take my clothes off will they pay me a visit too?? *scratches head* xxx

    • Because of his wallet?! How could you think such a thing?! No…because he is lovely and I love him. Re. the firemen thing – you need to fall asleep while running a bath. That’s all I’ll say for now…x

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!! x

  5. Why thank you! Sorry for the delayed response- I’ve been laptop-less the last couple of days (eek!). Most kind of you. Hope you’ve got started on that knitting project 😉 Laura x

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