Sick note

I’ve got the lurgy.

Nothing too traumatic, I’ll survive. But it’s days like today when I wish I could get a sick note and have the day off.

Lesson #43: there are no sick days when you have a baby.

It makes me realise what a tough nut my mum is. The only time I ever remember her being poorly was when she came off her bike and fractured her pelvis. I can clearly see her lying on the floor in the living room, with just her feet poking out from behind the sofa.

Apparently it was the only place she could get comfortable as she couldn’t make it up the stairs. But I have my suspicions she was trying to find a hiding place from my sister and I. I’m not sure our constant cartwheels and requests of “Can I bandage your leg, mum?” were particularly helpful.

Anyway, I’m off to recline on the sofa and put a cold compress to my brow.  I have a feeling, though, that as soon as I get comfortable, Frog will wake up and demand something or other. Oh well, at least she can’t do cartwheels yet.



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7 responses to “Sick note

  1. Me too me too!! Except The Baby has it too – 2 x miserable, tired, snotty girls in the house. The healthy Boyfriend is feeling a little outnumbered.
    Get well soon x
    PS lemon and whisky helps…

  2. I too have got the lurgy but thankfully my parasite is still sitting round my middle. I was just thinking, “how’s this going to go down when she’s born?”. I join you in the ode to mothers. How did my mum do it? I assumed when I was little that she never got sick but she must’ve done.

  3. Not fair is it? There should be a baton you can pass for times like this. Get well soon.

    • It most certainly isn’t fair. It’s days like yesterday that make me think having a day at work would be like a day “off”…all is well today though. Turns out I just needed lots of sleep and the baby not to wake me for a few hours during the night. x

  4. That stinks! Try lying on the floor and handing out lipstick to paint you with. That should buy an hour…

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