Let me take you a on a journey through time and space


There are so many places I’d like to travel to, but can’t.

Alas, lack of money and a baby mean backpacking around Vietnam and diving in Costa Rica are probably off the cards for the time being.

But it’s OK. Because, yet again, Kate at Kate Takes 5 has saved the day.

No, she’s not paying for me to go on a Round The World trip (but Kate, if you’re reading this, I’d be more than happy to go if you’re offering). She’s giving me the excuse to dream about time travelling in this week’s Listography.

I’ve always been a Back to the Future fan (“Great Scott!” anyone?) so this week’s theme is right up my street…

1. Derby, circa 1960

I’d really like to find out if my mum was the goodie two-shoes she’d have me believe. Or if, as I rather suspect, she was a bit of a mischief maker. I must have got it from somewhere, mustn’t I?

2. Bristol, circa 1994

Seeing as no one else bothered to do me the favour, I’d like to go back and tell an 11 year old me not to get that ridiculous cheese wedge haircut. I think my first year at secondary school would have been a much happier one without that fashion faux pas.

3. Somewhere, 2016

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a worry wart. Looking back at all the things I’ve worried about over the years, I think if I could have just seen into the future I would have relaxed. Because it always turns out OK in the end. But I’d just like to travel five years into the future from now, to check that it will, indeed, all be OK in the end. (Not that I’m planning The End to be in five years, I’m rather hoping to hang on a bit longer if possible. But you get what I’m driving at, don’t you?)

4.Berkshire, 7th October 2010

A predictable one, I know. But who can blame me for wanting to go back in time and reveal the Euromillions winning numbers to myself. Two weeks after this date, the real winner came forward to scoop £113 million. The biggest win in UK history. Oh, it could have been me…

5. Hampshire, circa 1795

As an English Lit graduate, I have a bit of a thing for Jane Austen. I’d love to meet the woman in person. And, not that I’m shallow or anything, but I bet those empire line dresses were rather flattering.

So, that’s me done. I’m sure I could have come up with some more inventive places to travel to, but the lurgy’s still lurking, so these will have to do. If I’ve disappointed you, pop over to Kate Takes 5 to see what is bound to be many a list that will beat mine hands down.



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5 responses to “Let me take you a on a journey through time and space

  1. mum

    You would have seen me in late 1960s looking pretty hip in velvet hot pants at the Hippo Club, or studiously working in my bedroom, or on Saturdays serving at Ely’s the Greengrocers. When not doing these things I was helping my mum!

  2. I have to say that after the Vietnam and Costa Rica intro I was expecting you to go a little further afield than England, but even so I applaud anyone who has the nerve to look five years into the future…(Plus I didn’t know you were from Bristol – I have fond connections and memories with that fab city). Thanks for joining in and tell that lurgy it’s time to piss off.

    • I know, I know, I did dabble with the idea of going to the Wild West but bottled it because cowboy hats don’t suit me. And I considered going to live with the Ancient Greeks, but then decided against it as I’d be too scared of being sold as a slave. Turns out I’m not as adventurous as I thought!

  3. I like yours Molly! 🙂

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