The Gallery: Hair

I miss my hair straighteners.

Or rather, I miss having the time to spend half an hour using them. Having a baby has meant, for me, hair preening has pretty much gone out of the window.

I left it nearly nine months to get my roots done. I permanently have a bit of frizz around my fringe area. Not dissimilar, then, to the look I sported during my first year at university eight years ago:

Bad hair

But while I mourn the loss of my straight hair, spare a thought for my baby.

She is now nine months and has only the faintest wisp of hair on her beautiful head. But at least she has some now.

It was touch and go at one point. She came out balder than the man who used to present Crystal Maze. And that leads me nicely to my entry for this week’s Gallery. Meet Frog, five minutes old. And hairless:


Bald Frog

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8 responses to “The Gallery: Hair

  1. what a sweetie, I expected a baby like this and got one with loads of hair and such a shock.
    Your bad hair day is looks like one of my good hair days.
    My son and I play ‘hairdressers’ now – it gives me enough time to blow dry my hair!

  2. That is a scrummy photo! Of the baby, that is 😉

  3. Bev

    bless! My little Levi was nearly one before any real hair started to appear, he now has a big curly mop of hair!

  4. Ah gorgeous! Don’t worry about no hair, my daughter is 18 months now and has only a fine wisp of hair and her twin brother is full of brown ringlets! It is not fair! x

    • It should be the other way around! I’m sort of thinking that as soon as the hair arrives it’s one more thing to deal with. I imagine my daughter may have dreadlocks by the time she’s 5 because I’ll be so rubbish at brushing and washing it! x

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