Well that does it. As if my cool credentials weren’t at the bottom of the heap already, Kate at Kate Takes 5 has issued another Listography highly likely to make me cringe.

But needs must and if I can do stand up comedy and read the news in my bra, I can own up to some dreadful taste in music.

This week’s Listography demands that we admit to the first five albums we ever owned. So here goes…..

1. Kyle Minogue: Kylie

I went through a phase of actually believing that I was Kylie Minogue. Remember that look she used to sport with the curly hair flowing out of a hat? I adored it. I used to sit in the bath singing I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky at the top of my voice. I was five OK? Give me a break.

2. Bonnie Tyler: Super Hits

I’m not apologising for this one. Total Eclipse of the Heart and Holding Out for a Hero? Classic tunes.

3. Take That: Everything Changes

Again, no apologies. You already know how much I love TT (as us fans call them).

4. Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Ok, so I realise Take That and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers may be unlikely partners in a music collection, but I acquired this album completely by accident. A boy at school recorded it for me onto cassette when I was eleven. I thought I was desperately cool and painstakingly copied the picture on the front cover.

5. Oasis: (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory

Don’t confuse me with someone who’s got taste. I bought this when I was twelve and decided I was an Indie. I cut my hair into something resembling a wedge of cheese (because I wanted to look like Justine Frischman out of Elastica) and died it brown. Except it didn’t go brown, it went bright red because my cousin sneaked a bit of red food colouring into the mixture to “give it some oomph”.

I persevered with my new image though, and bought a tank top. I then read something about Oasis “cracking the big apple” and, having no idea what that actually meant and becoming a little confused, I proudly told my dad I knew of a new band who were so good they were going to “crack an orange”.

And that was the end of my dalliance with cool. Long live Bonnie Tyler.



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5 responses to “Listography

  1. Love it! My kind of Albums! I am in you ‘non cool’ club! x

  2. Hmm – I’ll have to grudging approve all of these (bar Kylie – I was a tomboy at that stage and she was just too girly for me). Justine was very cool – I wanted to be her too – as much for Damon as for the looks\guitar-playing brilliance.

    Sadly I still don’t think anyone has beaten me for Listography uncoolness yet…

  3. Oh Molly! Your list makes me feel so very old! This was all the music I was listening to in my mid twenties for goodness sake!! My list would probably start with…I can’t believe I’m about to admit to this….Shakin Stevens. Closely following him would have been Nik Kershaw, Duran Duran, Wham and…wait for it….Cliff Richard!! (But only because my mum liked him, of course!)
    I did become A LOT cooler later on with my interested in everything Gothic – The Cure, Motley Crew, The Cult – to name a few! Does that make up for Shaky and Cliff???

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