Box of tricks

I have a new secret weapon.

This weapon helps me in the fight against tantrums and hunger pangs, teething pain and general moodiness.

My secret? Rice cakes.

Yes, it really is that simple. We’ve added rice cakes to our list of must-have items, along with the magic blanket, nappies and Calpol.

So imagine my glee when this stash turned up from HiPP Organic, to add to our growing armoury:

Cache of weapons

Frog being the impatient girl that she is, she couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

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As well as three bottles of juice (which I’ll review in a separate post), we were sent three packets of rice cakes and another packet of rather exciting (yes, I did say exciting – I really am that sad) looking snacks called Squiggly Puffs.

And they went down a storm.

The HiPP food products are all made from organic ingredients, with no added salt. We were sent three different packets of rice cakes, one was pumpkin and carrot flavour, another was apple and the third was tomato and sweet red pepper.

Frog’s not fussy, she’ll eat anything (and I mean, literally, anything – I caught her trying to eat her own poo last week) but she particularly seems to like the tomato and sweet red pepper flavour rice cakes. I do too, actually. They’re really rather tasty and a lot fewer calories than a packet of Pringles.

As for the Squiggly Puffs, they didn’t get devoured with quite the same relish. They were eaten, but when offered a Squiggly Puff and a rice cake, Frog went for the rice cake every time.

We’re going on holiday this weekend, it’ll be Frog’s first time on a plane. I’m going to make sure I’ve got a cache of rice cakes for the airport. And the plane. And the car journey.  Actually lovely HiPP people, can I have a lorry-load please? We’ve run out…

"I've eaten them all"




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4 responses to “Box of tricks

  1. We have a snack box that is an absolute must have in my bag to fend off hunger related horribleness and to bribe as necessary – only trouble is that they now know it lives in my bag so spend most of their time tipping its contents out searching for the snacks

    Have you discovered some of the yummy things Organix do?

    • A snack box – what a great idea! We’ve had Organix carrot sticks and the Organix biscuits, but Frog is more of a rice cake kind of girl and seems to prefer the HiPP ones. That said, she’s not fussy – I caught her eating a handful of soil earlier. Nice.

  2. Ruth

    I like Frog’s dress!

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