The Gallery: Green

I want chickens. And ducks. And maybe even the odd goat.

It’s probably a bad idea seeing as I don’t actually own my own home. I suspect my landlord wouldn’t be best pleased with me starting a small-holding in his back garden. And going by what happened to the rabbit, I think he may have a point.

But I just can’t seem to let go of those bloody chickens.

Maybe it’s a mum thing. It’s definitely developed since Frog was born. Oh, and moving out to the country has probably been a factor. All those chickens running around happily, laying eggs, clucking, being all rural and rosy.

This chicken lust ties in quite nicely with this week’s Gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers. Tara has asked us to find a picture that captures Green. That’s about as specific as she’s been. Trawling through my pictures, I came across this one, taken on a recent trip to the farm up the road.

It looks like Frog shares my rural chicken-loving green dream…

Chicken lust starting young



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11 responses to “The Gallery: Green

  1. I’m scared of chickens. Unless they are properly roasted. You are brave.

  2. Such a cute pic!! I want chickens too 🙂

  3. well I hope your dream manifests; it might just do that if you keep wishing!

  4. Oh bless- she DOES want a chook! I have toyed with the idea a few times but know from experience that they mess up your garden badly and poo EVERYWHERE!

  5. Bev

    oh she is the cutest! :o) We want chickens too! Yay go on get the chickens! ….;o)

  6. Frog is very cute! Always love a chicken! x

  7. Aww so cute, our neighbours have chickens and Zara is obsessed with them 🙂

  8. Cute pic! We have chookies and they are great, particularly as they are rescue chickens that have gone from oven ready looking zombies to healthy little cluckers who follow us happily around the garden. Jacq is right though, you can’t potty train them!

  9. pamperedmummy

    Great photo, what a cheeky face! I’d love chickens but think the dog would eat them!

  10. it’s a sign! *whispers* get chickens…

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