The pet’s not dead

Sparkle's cousin

It’s always good to come back from a holiday to find your pet hasn’t died.

When I was little I used to rush home from every camping trip to France to find my rabbit, Sparkle, was still as alive and ferocious as ever. This made me sort of happy and sort of disappointed, as I harbored secret thoughts of replacing her with a docile little lop eared bunny who actually liked me and didn’t try to kill me every time I went near her. I don’t think she ever forgave me for christening her Sparkle.

Needless to say Sparkle came to a sticky end one rainy winter day after my dad decided to build a patio for her and her brother Patch. Being the recluse that she was, Sparkle burrowed a secret tunnel underneath the patio and used to spend hours down there, hiding her head in shame at her terrible name.  That turned out to be a bad move on this particularly rainy day, as there was a mini landslide and the patio came crashing down on her, finally putting her out of her bad-name-misery. We didn’t realise she’d left us until the next day, when Dad dug up the patio to find a Sparkle pancake underneath. I’ll never forget his stern words of “girls, look away – there’s nothing to see here”  before holding up my flat ferocious bunny.


But I digress. What I actually came to say was a big thank you to Frau Fancy for keeping Introducing alive while I swanned off on my un-Fancy trip for two weeks. It turns out old Fancy Pants is actually capable of work, just as capable in fact as any commoner. So thank you Fancy. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, to bring us some brilliant new blogs while I was away.

Now it’s back to me. So, as ever, I want your blogs. Funny blogs, sad blogs, arty blogs, crafty blogs, baby blogs, teenage blogs, travel blogs, any-kind-you-want blogs. Please drop me a line to and tell me who you are and the name of your blog. I’ll then bring you three of these brilliant blogs on Thursday, as Introducing comes back home.

Better hope I don’t build a patio between now and then.



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10 responses to “The pet’s not dead

  1. poor sparkle! I love that line “girls, look away – there’s nothing to see here” , ha ha funny what you remember. I remember one Easter we looked after our next-door neighbours budgie when they went away & it died, I remember it was Easter as we buried it in an empty Creme Egg 3 pack box!

  2. My sister, Cinnamon, had a white rabbit when we were young, and she gave him the very un-bunny-like name of ‘Patrick’. I now know why he tried to escape through the fence.

    • Patrick the rabbit? Sounds like a classy guy. Rather like the (self proclaimed) Northern Love Machine’s first hamster, who he named Geoffrey. Geoff for short. You gotta love Geoff the Hamster.

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  4. Welcome home! I was honoured and proud to help and I’m thrilled to say that I did less damage than your patio, I do believe. xx

  5. granny from the north

    I am not good with pets, but I love other people’s. My worst pet nightmare was when I looked after the much loved school guinea pig, and unfortunately it died over was very old!! That is my excuse. I think the teacher who had it in her classroom for twenty years would have expelled me if she could but lucky for me I was not her pupil. Our boys were not deterred we also looked after the school budgie! We had better luck with that…

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