I appear to have become a member of the paparazzi.

Since giving birth I just can’t help myself sneaking behind doors and hiding behind chairs to take a sneaky pic of Frog when she’s not looking. If I manage to snap her mid-doing-something-silly I feel a rush of elation, just as strong as if I’d papped two top celebrities snogging.

So I was pretty chuffed when Shoot the Baby by Helen Webb arrived through my door. You can read all about this brilliant book in my review over at Real Parenting today. If you have a baby or toddler, or know someone who’s about to give birth, I highly recommend this book as a present. It’s stuffed full of great tips to help you take a pretty decent photo – minus the photography jargon and fancy pants equipment.

You never know, it may help me focus a bit better on my subjects from now on, without accidentally snapping random objects instead…




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6 responses to “Paparazzi

  1. sneaking behind doors and hiding behind chairs… ha, ha, ha… that’s me too!

  2. There’s a problem with your picture. You need to put a sippy top on that glass or she’ll spill the wine. And that’s a no no around these parts…:-)

  3. I have to film in secret too ! xx

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