This is what my life has come to


There’s nothing quite like having baby to make you appreciate a lie-in. Or a cup of tea. Or a long hot bath.

In the days pre-Frog I used to have high expectations of a weekend. It wasn’t a success unless it involved drinking, dancing, eating and more drinking. Now I’m far lower maintenance. Make me a cup of tea and I’m yours, run me a bath and you’ve got me for life.

So I’m all for this week’s Listography over at Kate Takes 5. If you haven’t come across this little gem before, let me introduce you.

Kate’s all about the lists. As am I. Every week she gives us a new prompt and we have to list our top 5. This week it’s simple pleasures. So, here are mine:

  1. Being made a perfect cup of tea and having a moment to drink it. In peace.

I appear to have turned into an old woman and now find myself sighing “ahhh” after the first sip. I still refuse to join the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine in referring to a cup of anything hot as a “brew” though.

  1. A lie-in.

I don’t feel I need to elaborate on this. If you’re a mother you’ll get it.

  1. A hot bath.

See above.

  1. An accepted pitch.

I’ve recently gone freelance (as a journalist) and there’s nothing quite like the buzz of having an article idea commissioned, or being booked to do a radio shift. It shows I’m still good at what I do (despite having a baby and regularly experiencing moments of self-doubt) and keeps the porridge from the dinner table for another day.

  1. A reciprocated cuddle.

I would trade in all of the above for just one cuddle with Frog. I’m not on about the type of cuddle where she’s straining to escape. Or even the one where she’s simply humoring me. I’m on about the type of cuddle where she puts her head on my shoulder and her arms round my neck and hugs me back.

An unreciprocated cuddle



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7 responses to “This is what my life has come to

  1. Aw so lovely – your just a big softy really aren’t you?!

  2. oh she is just SOOO cute!! the cuddles will come for sure, not always when you want them though 🙂 x

  3. That picture of Frog simply brought me pleasure!

  4. If you manage a cuddle like the one you describe, please tell me what it’s like – I have to pin The Baby to me and pretend it’s a cuddle and not, as it is in reality, a glorified wrestling manoevre. I’d very much like to experience a Real Cuddle.
    I’ve also forgotten what a hot cup of tea is like.
    I like your list, it’s a lot like mine would look!x

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