I’m getting a divorce

Not really! (I’m not even married yet – give me a chance. Sheesh).

But the ugly issue of relationship breakdown is featured in my latest piece over at Born Free Mum and Dad UK.

I don’t usually publish my articles on my blog, but seeing as this one was all blogging and stuff, I thought you lot may be a teensy bit interested. Maybe.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back later to unveil three new blogs for this week’s Introducing.  God, I’m so giving.



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3 responses to “I’m getting a divorce

  1. Good article. I’m not as regular a blogger as I could be but I definitely see the value in being careful about living online when my husband is at home. When he starts teasing me about being on Twitter now and then, I realise it’s time to take a little step back.

  2. Granny of the north

    EEK I was getting worried that all my crafty plans to get Northern Love Machine hitched were going wrong!! I thought the web revolution was actually attractive to him and therefoe you! Seriously though in my day it was the garden shed that loomed as the likely marriage breaker…that’s passed fortunately..these things do! Love prevails!!

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