Introducing: The May edition

Even Lady Gaga needs downtime you know.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve been busy, rushed off your feet I expect. Take a break. Sit back and acquaint yourself with some brilliant blogs. Because Introducing is back.

And this week’s stars are:

Baby Ephemeraldigest

A beautifully written blog about life as a single mum to a gorgeous baby girl. Oh, and she lives in Bristol. Which, as you know, is always a bonus.

But be warned, the photographs on this blog could very well send your ovaries into over-drive. This is one seriously cute baby.

 Manana Mama

This woman is funny, witty, thought-provoking and has a wonderful way with words. I hate her.

If you haven’t already come across Manana Mama, you should go and meet her.  She didn’t even ask to be featured, that’s how cool she is. She was pointed out to me in a recommendation by Ghostwriter Mummy (who is also very cool, by the way).

Three Beautiful Things

The original blog of positivity. An anti-depressant in blog form, if you will. Yet another wonderfully written gem, which lists three beautiful things the author has experienced each day.

From the mundane and tiny (freshly baked muffins, a little girl counting plastic ducks) to the huge and overwhelming (a new dress, a night out) the beautiful things keep on coming.

And if you missed last week’s Introducing, you missed some more cracking blogs. But in another fit of uncharacteristic generosity, I will update you. Here it is.

Now get back to work Lady Gaga. (I’m still waiting for a tune to rival the magnificence that was Poker Face. I know you won’t let me down.)



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2 responses to “Introducing: The May edition

  1. Thanks again for some great intros! Reminds me I’ve still got some leftover from my attempt to be you. 🙂

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