It's not a boy

Dear Me,

I come to you from a year in the future. You are pregnant, huge, swollen, fed up.

And I say this: Enjoy every moment.

Because in just under two months your life will change forever.

You have no idea of this yet, but you are carrying a little girl. Ignore everyone who tells you it’s a boy “because your bump is high and round”. And stop referring to your huge belly as “he”. She won’t thank you for it later on.


I know it’s hard and you need the toilet every hour during the night and the man snores. But sleep. Those chances of a lie-in will be scarce soon.

Rub out the due date on the calendar. It means nothing. As it happens, she’ll arrive twelve days later. Ignore everyone who tells you to eat curry and have sex. It doesn’t work.

Carry on with knitting that blanket, but don’t be offended when your daughter turns her nose up at it. She prefers Primark – just like you.

Stop going on Netmums reading the birth and labour forums. And stop watching One Born Every Minute. It really isn’t that bad. Well, it is. But it doesn’t last long and you get a baby out of it at the end.

You will be sent back from the hospital the first time you go in with contractions. Make sure you open the car window. Breathing in putrid fart fumes from the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine won’t help with the pain, despite his claim “it’s your gas and air”.

When your daughter’s born, give up worrying. Smell her. Hold her. Rock her. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise. You are right to do what you’re doing.

These months will pass so quickly, before you know it you’ll be writing to yourself a year from now.

Yours sincerely,

Me x

P.S. When changing your first nappy, ask for help. It’ll save getting black gunk all over the hospital bed.



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6 responses to “Mail

  1. I wish I had gotten a letter like this when I was pregnant… Why does that never happen? I’m going to go off and write a letter like this and hand it to the next pregnant woman I see.

    • Wouldn’t the ability to see into the future be a brilliant thing?! It would make life less fun though I suppose. I got so sick of every person offering me unwanted advice when I was pregnant I closed my ears. It was impossible to filter the good from the bad. But a letter from myself…that I may have listened to.

  2. This letter is for me! But I can’t help watching One Born Every Minute – even though I’m not having a hospital birth (most likely). Thanks for the heads up on it not being so bad. The high and round bump is supposed to mean “girl” I’ve been told. The ultrasound told us ours is a girl but oh the baby’s going to be annoyed if he turns out to be a boy. He’ll also be nameless for days. I’m getting two sets of unsolicited advice – about the baby and our new kittens! Learning to tune out but will definitely be sure to humble myself and ask for help with the first nappy. Hoping my mum will just do it!

    • If your mums there I’d definitely recommend passing the first nappy her way! I didn’t realise it was going to be black (Meconium) and thought I’d given birth to an alien. x

  3. Great letter, you’ll really enjoy looking back at that in the future.

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