The big chill

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

When you have a baby you don’t get much time to “chill”.

Gone are the days of lie-ins and lounging. Welcome to early morning wake-up calls and Sundays at swimming.

With that in mind, I have struggled to find an appropriate picture for this week’s Gallery theme, Chilled Out.

We went on holiday recently, so I thought about posting a photo of me lying by the pool in my bikini. But I wouldn’t want to put you through that.

So, then I considered putting up a picture of Frog at her favourite time of the day, naked time before her bath. But I doubt she’d thank me for that in her teenage years, so those pictures of her baring her bum to the world will stay firmly put (to be used as bribery and threats at a later date).

Then I realised Frog’s idea of “chilling” is pretty different to mine. She’s happiest when she’s playing with a tambourine, shaking it along to a nursery rhyme or the sound of her own babbling voice, wowing an imaginary audience. Poor girl, takes after me like that…

Tambourine *girl*

But that’s not my entry either.

Because then I found this picture, by my amazingly talented friend Caroline Gue. It shows Frog when she’s at her most chilled. Sucking her thumb. And for me, this is perfection. Because when Frog’s chilled out, so am I.



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14 responses to “The big chill

  1. mummymummymum

    I am with you on not having time to chill 🙂

    Is Frog a budding musician? I love the photo of her sucking her thumb 🙂


    Love both photos – and so know what you mean by a child’s version of chilling out being anything but quiet 😉

  3. That is so true, that when they are chilled so are you, and vice versa. You feed off each other’s mood! Lovely photo. x

  4. What a lovely photo. I don’t think shaking a tambourine would relax me too much lol.

  5. A thumbsucking frog! Love it. Very cute .

  6. I love this picture for two reasons:

    1- Frog is so very extremely gorgeous and cute and makes my heart melt.

    2- My 7 month old son sucks his thumb and looks so peaceful and chilled (and cute) when he does that this photo reminded me of how precious these photos are at this age!

    • I love the thumb picture too – I’m lucky I have a lovely friend who takes beautiful photos otherwise I’d hardly have any at all. Frog is very cute when she sucks her thumb. Not so much when she cries though…

  7. oh she is utterly beauts!

  8. Beautiful post and photo.

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