Frog-led weaning

There’s only so much you can say about weaning.

It’s messy, time-consuming and, to be honest, a bit of a ball-ache. Life is far easier when they only consume milk.

That said, we’ve also had quite a bit of fun with the whole food thing so far. I enjoy finding ever more random combinations of ingredients to offer Frog, and find myself constantly taking photos of her covered in tasty morsels of said combinations.

Due to the stubborn independent nature of my child, we went down the baby-led weaning route. I know this isn’t for everyone. Whatever. It worked for us, for many reasons.

I’m over at Childcare Is Fun today, blabbing on about the whole thing. It may be worth a look if you’re starting to think about weaning your baby, or want to see photographic evidence of the afore mentioned mess. Once again, the photos are taken by Caroline Gue. She’s good like that.



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