Introducing: Some funny

This week’s Introducing is all about the funny. And I have some corkers for you.

Much as I hate to share the spotlight, these blogs are worth it. They’ve made me laugh. And that is a difficult task for a woman currently riddled with frowns.

So, bring forth your best Tena Lady and prepare to wet those pants…

Spotlight please:

I Know I Need To Stop Talking

She’s rude. She’s sarcastic. She’s a complete and utter attention-seeker. She’s on my wavelength.

And so, it seems, is her son – the utterly hilarious Mr Jamie.

This blog charts the strange adventures of a woman and her family, but in the most unique way I have ever come across. Cue: “big black nipples”, “(clearly cavernous) front bottoms” and discussions about Darth Vader killing Baby Jesus.

She’s not for the faint-hearted. And that’s why I love her.

Dresses and Denial

An entirely new blog. And by new, I mean one-post-new.

This is the journey of a “small, funny, slutty” woman attempting to shrink from 10st 13lb to 9st 3lb. And did I mention she’s funny?

At the moment, I’m her only follower and I’m feeling a little lonely. Come and join me as we wait to see if she “falls face first into some pasta”. I’m sure she’ll make us laugh along the way.

Northern Mummy with Southern Children

You’ve probably already met this woman, because she is, like, super famous.

But if you haven’t, she’s worth a visit. Another funny and sarcastic gem (sensing a theme here), she blogs about all sorts of mundane life events, from the death of a goldfish to getting ready for a night out.  But she does it with a certain panache that only she can do. Entertaining, readable and thoroughly relatable.

Plus, I’ve met her in “real life” and she’s really rather nice.

That’s it for this week. If you want to be featured next week, come along and introduce yourself:

Au revoir.


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  1. wooooooooohoooooooo!


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