A nostalgic moustache

I’ve been a bit of a soppy fool lately.

As Frog hurtles closer and closer to her first birthday, I can’t stop looking back. I can so clearly see what I was doing this time last year. I was huge, swollen, fed up.

And then she was born and that was it. Life had begun.

The weekend after Frog made an appearance, her Northern grandparents came to visit. It was a special weekend, as my mum, dad and sister all joined in too. We had a barbecue and I stuffed my face, making the most of the “extra calories” I needed for breastfeeding.

Frog was dressed up in an array of outfits bought by Granny from the North (having had three boys herself she just can’t resist the chance to buy anything small and frilly) and was cuddled constantly.

But aside from the cuddles and the clothes and the constant cooing, it was a momentous day for Frog; it was the first time she ever laid eyes on a proper moustache.

I think you’ll agree Grandad from the North has a tache not to be sniffed at:

The best tache in town

This is my entry to this week’s Gallery. To view the others, head over to Sticky Fingers.



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21 responses to “A nostalgic moustache

  1. What a lovely photo, and a very lovely post too!…. Emma 🙂

  2. Oh this may be the best one yet. Beats all the drawn on moustaches xx

  3. mummymummymum

    Beautiful photo! and a rather fantastic tache! x

  4. Ahh – there is nothing so wonderful as a beautiful babe and doting Grandparents (and of course, a fine moustache).

  5. Awww, a grandad tache…always the best!

  6. that is a fabulous tash! yours doesnt even compare! *ducks*

  7. Every Grandad should have one of these! Fab!

  8. Beautiful pic and not just for the ‘tache’!! 🙂

  9. Such a lovely picture!

  10. Beautiful and such a tender hold from Grandad too.
    Great moustache too.

  11. Our baby doesn’t have any grandparents with moustaches. I feel like she’ll be missing out!

  12. that is a lovely photo……and an excellent example of a fine tache!

  13. Nel

    aahhhh. Grandad’s taches. They are always fab.

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