Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday



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21 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Oh, what a cutie!

  2. mummymummymum

    Awww. Thats a gorgeous photo!

  3. And why aren’t you in there with her? Hairy legs?

  4. jessiesonline

    lovely photo!

  5. Ghislaine Forbes

    Could I become a professional photographer in retirement?

    Ma x

  6. Water baby! How old is she? Did she enjoy it?

  7. Hello cutie! She’s delightful…I remember those staywarm/velcro swimming costumes, bit of a wrestle but worth it.

  8. Jo

    absolutely gorgeous…

  9. Lovely photo! and so jealous you were allowed to take a photo. The lifeguard stopped us taking some snaps on our first proper swimming outing! Ridiculous seeing as I was only with a friend and her child. Quite clearly we were Mum’s and not dodgy! grrr

  10. She’s a cutie, beautiful eyes and she looks as though she loves the water 🙂

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