Free food, anyone?

I’ll keep this simple: I have free stuff.

Those lovely people at HiPP Organic are offering three Weaning Starter Packs to three lucky winners of this competition.

It’s no secret my fiercely independent child refused to be spoon-fed, hence we went down the Baby-led Weaning route. That said, she’s enjoyed the occasional fruit puree spread on a piece of toast and absolutely loves the HiPP rice cakes. So I can thoroughly recommend the HiPP products, Baby-led Weaning or not.

The three winners of this competition will each receive a HiPP Weaning Starter Pack, which includes the following items:
1 x Apple, Orange & Banana Cereal
2 x 125g jars
2 x 100g wholesome pots
3 x Baby Rice sachets
1 x weaning bowl
1 x bib
1 x set of weaning spoons
3 x 30p coupons
1 x weaning leaflet with a weaning guide for the first four weeks of weaning
1 x ‘Good Food for Little Ones’ book – a guide to the good and the bad when thinking of weaning!
1 x baby on board car sticker

Each starter pack is worth £10.99 each, so isn’t to be sniffed at.

Feast your eyes on this little lot and tell me you aren’t tempted…

The prize

Now to the nitty gritty:

  • To enter the competition, simply leave a comment below telling me how old your baby is.
  • Tweet (for an extra entry):

“I want to #win @HiPPOrganic goodies in the #giveaway at @mothersright”

Terms and conditions:

Competition closes 12noon 30th May.

The winner will be contacted within 3 working days of the competition closing.

Open to UK residents only.

Items posted directly by HiPP.

Prize is non-transferrable and there is no cash alternative.

Competition now closed.



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19 responses to “Free food, anyone?

  1. I am merely competitive!

  2. Alison Turnnidge

    This would be fantastic for my daughter she is six months old and we have just started the weaning process. :o)

  3. I’d love to win this, we are approaching the weaning stage so it will be perfect timing. Rebecca is nearly 5 months, though I will be waiting till 6 months.

  4. Andrea Bennett

    Minus three months! But there’s nothing like being prepared and these products have a long shelf life!

  5. kirstyn clark

    Emma is 4 months old and ready to start weaning x

  6. Jane Lumby

    Isaac Thomas rosendale aged 4 1/2 months

  7. Rachel Tadman

    Evie – 6 months and 3 weeks. Gotta love freebies 😉

  8. I can’t participate as not UK resident (this ALWAYS happens, sigh, there are no giveaways on Italian blogs. we suck.), but can attest to Hipps greatness, for those interested. Also just wanted to say hi.

  9. mary barton

    im entering for my godson who is 1 month old xxx

  10. Katarzyna Niemiec

    Alex – 5 months ; we just started weaning last week…

  11. Isabelle is only 3 months, and already looks hungry for mummy’s dinner! I think we will be weaning at 4 months, this little lady is one hungry baby!

  12. K bailey

    Tweeted @baile1kim1

  13. K bailey

    Baby 5weeks old be good to read up on and put away for when she’s ready for weaning

  14. Graeme Carstairs


    Kira loves every hipp organic product we give her do now at 7months she’s weaning would love to try these

  15. Claire Hughes

    Little one is due 6 weeks tomorrow 🙂 It’s good to be prepared though.

  16. Wayne Gunn

    Baby is on it’s way

  17. My little one is 5.5 months old

  18. Emily is just 4 months old 🙂

    (going to tweet too) …!

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