My backyard

For anyone who has been unlucky enough to be near me for the past six months, I’m sorry.

Because I’ve been like a stuck record. I’ve been all “I want a mortgage” and “we have to move so we can afford a house” and “we’ll NEVER be able to buy – a 25 percent deposit is out of the question!”

Yes, boring indeed.

We don’t own our own home, see. Like many other young(ish) couples, we missed that window of opportunity where banks were offering mortgages with a reasonable 5 or 10 percent deposit. So now we’re a bit stuck.

It never bothered me before. I was confident we’d eventually get “on the property ladder” but was too caught up with moving to where the jobs were and then meeting the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine and then having a baby.

But now all I want is a house.

It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be nice. It just has to be ours. All ours. So our fate isn’t in someone else’s hands. So we move when we decide to move.

We have a plan (and it doesn’t involve robbing a bank or winning the lottery), so I’m not too worried about it anymore. The thing is, that plan involves moving 200 miles away. It means Frog won’t grow up in the village where we currently live and she won’t go to school with the other babies she knows.

It also means she won’t have to put up with a fenceless garden for much longer.

You win some, you lose some.

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16 responses to “My backyard

  1. We just look ahead and think of it as a “someday” thing. I think owning is something neither of us can quite imagine ever being able to do, though I’m sure it could happen in time. Glad you’ve got a plan! It’s likely that Frog won’t remember or much mind.

    • Very true. I never gave a fig before she was born. It’s just that the first year has gone so fast I’m already fast-forwarding 4 years to when she’s starting school. If we have to move areas I’d rather do it now when she’s little and won’t remember. Oh, and the NLM says we can’t have any more babies until we have a house. *sigh*

  2. I am so with you there. I want a house and I want one bad. One day it will happen. Renting is horrible. I want to be able to care about my house and my garden and love it.

  3. You know things aren’t always so black and white…We bought a lovely house 40 minutes drive from my home town about 6 years ago and then realised that what we really wanted was to be close to friends and family. Problem was the bubble had by then burst and if we sold we would have been about 100k in debt.(Negative equity sucks). So now we’re renting too (plus having to top up the very expensive and useless mortgage). There’s actually a lot to be said for renting – if I could go back and never have bought that house I would be one happy lady.

    • I never thought about that. I suppose when we do eventually have the deposit for a mortgage we’ll have to be very careful it isn’t a house we grow out of too soon or are stuck in. Oh, and not move to Ireland! I do love where we live, I would just love to feel a little more settled. x

  4. mummymummymum

    I’ve always wanted one of those cars!

    If its any consolation Zak ( and my ) friendship groups have changed completely since he was a baby, and he’s not going to school with any of his baby friends.


  5. Agree with Kate. Buying is tricky. You’ve tied yourself up in something that isn’t always easy to get out of. And if they refinance you, and you can’t pay the difference, oops! H is a huge fan of renting. Optionality. Of course we own…:-)

    • I don’t mind renting, it’s just the lack of stability I’m not a fan of. Clearly I’m fully intending to win the lottery so we’ll never be stuck with a mortgage and can buy outright. Or move to the continent where everyone rents, apparently.

  6. moving?


    reading is not 200 miles away?

  7. Poignant post. I’ve got the same problem. Strange times we live in, and in an unlucky generation. Maybe someday.

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