Just saying…



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20 responses to “Just saying…

  1. Well done!! I’ve only just discovered your blog and think am going to enjoy working my way through it. Good luck in the finals

  2. Oh well done! I was interviewed for our local paper today, every little helps as they say x Good luck x

  3. mummymummymum

    Thats brilliant!! Well done Molly. Thats a lovely photo too. 🙂

  4. Wow! You’re famous!!!! And this is so much better than, say, a prize winning tomato plant! xx

  5. Wow well done you and good luck. It’s a great picture too 🙂

  6. Oh I was in the south yorkshire times today!!!

    which one is that?

  7. just found your blog, lots of great posts that I’m enjoying.

  8. Ha ha excellent! And love that picture too.

  9. What a fab article and I love the picture! Well done you, best of luck! XxX

  10. Great article. And wonderful photo of the two of you. Good luck with the awards!

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