One month today

One month today, I won’t have a baby anymore.

One month today, my baby will be a little girl. A one-year-old. Big. Not a baby.

Every moment I look at her she’s changed – a new laugh, new scream, new babble.

I need to hold her close to me now, the baby that she is. Make the most of every second of her smallness. There’s only one more month of it left.

So here’s to one more month of babyhood. One more month of waking in the night, of decorating the walls with food, of refusing to crawl, of pooing on the carpet.

Sorry? What’s that Frog? “Fat chance?”

Yeah. Thought so.

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As always, beautiful pictures by Caroline Gue.



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4 responses to “One month today

  1. Ah we had a poo on th ecarpet episode today and he’s 2 and a half. Nice. The photos are totally gorgeous, and she will ALWAYS be your baby so don’t worry about that!

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