The baby race

Remember Sitting Envy? Well it’s here again.

Except this time it’s Crawling Envy, or CE as it’s commonly known. The thing is, my now-11-month-old child is not moving. At all. 

She sometimes rolls. Occasionally goes onto all fours. But always, and I mean always, ends up on her belly, resembling a beached jellyfish – an angry and frustrated beached jellyfish at that.

She doesn’t pull herself up. Doesn’t crawl. And walking – are you joking? I fear I may be carrying her around and fetching things at her beck and call for the next 18 years.

But I’ve decided to take a different approach to the CE than the one I took to the SE (Sitting Envy – obviously). This time I’m going to go all Earth Mother on you. I’ve handed in my race card and withdrawn from the baby race. It’s really no fun taking part if you have zero chance of winning afterall.

I’m over at Born Free Mum and Dad today talking about the whole thing. For all of you with babies who refuse to sit / crawl / walk I invite you to join my club. We can all be spectators in the baby race. It’s really rather lonely all by myself on the sidelines you know.



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15 responses to “The baby race

  1. lonely? try having a 1 year old who doesnt shift!

    she is blooming cute though.

    stick with me – its easier when they dont move x

  2. mummymummymum

    Definately easier when they don’t move. I am willing H to stay still for a bit longer…x

  3. Sam

    None of my 3 sons shifted much especially my eldest who didn’t move until after 12 months – at least I knew where I’d left him! Don’t panic – he’s now a walking, running, dancing 7 year old. Do we ever look at adults and say “oo great walk, I bet he crawled early!” ?

  4. granny from the north

    Actually this is not true! I thought today I noticed her reaching for that grape and moving at least 1mm …so all progress is good progress. Have you not heard of “Slow” crawling…???

  5. Nel

    Definitely take the chilled route. Playing the comparisons game with other mums on their darling’s development will drive you demented!!

  6. So funny! We had a “non mover” 1 year old over recently on a family date and the Minis actually got down on the floor to look her in the eye and then looked at me because they couldn’t understand why she just laid there!

  7. G only started walking at 15 months. Prior to that she was a sitter too, no crawling (what get dirty??!) either. I must say though, she’s still not the most co-ordinated, but then neither am I or DH, but she is a complete natural in the water 🙂
    Agree with some of the other comments that definitely easier when they are completely static.

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