Children are so honest



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18 responses to “Children are so honest

  1. Thats hilarious – i love frog, especially the ickle wave at the end!

  2. louise

    I actually love this babe 🙂 but i always love what you do anyway always have always will xxxxxx

  3. Ghislaine Forbes

    Freya is clearly very perceptive! Very funny video, made me laugh. You might just have to move out of centre camera position very soon.

    Love ma x

  4. Nel

    I think holding your toes and flashing your bum like Frog would help with the voting. She is adorable. And so well behaved!!

  5. granny from the north

    What a very clever way to get your message across…might pinch the idea myself (with your permission of course!. Little frog is always right!
    G from the N XX

  6. Hahahahaha brilliant!!

  7. What a cutie! She looks really sweet, just chilling on the sofa while her mummy makes a video.

    Great video! 🙂

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