The day I met Mr Tumble

My life is complete. Seriously.

Forget the fact I have a beautiful daughter, am getting married to a wonderful man and do a job I love. None of that matters. Because I have interviewed Mr Tumble.

Yes, you heard me right. The Mr Tumble.

Now, for those of you without young children, the Mr Tumble craze may have passed you by. You may even have missed out on Gigglebiz characters like Nana Knickerbocker and Arthur Sleep. These are all the creations of Justin Fletcher – aka Mr Tumble. He’s a bit of a CBeebies legend and all-round-bigwig amongst toddlers. And I got to interview him.

Forget Gary Barlow (unless you’re reading this Gary – in which case you’re still my number one), Mr Tumble is the one I’ve wanted to interview ever since the birth of Frog and my relationship with children’s TV began.

As much as I wish I could say Justin Fletcher is a grumpy so-and-so who actually hates children in real life, it’s not the case. He’s probably the nicest bloke I’ve ever interviewed and is genuinely as cheery as you find him on the telly.

You can read my interview with him over at Real Parenting today.



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15 responses to “The day I met Mr Tumble

  1. Haha this is funny! I saw your tweet about this and wondered who he was…. thinking I was far too out of the loop being a mum to have any idea… hahahahaha! tooo funny *still chuckling* xxx

    ……yes still laughing…….. 😀

  2. Ghislaine Forbes

    I always thought Postman Pat’s van had a big personality when did a little white van take centre stage?
    ma x

  3. I have shook that chaps hand….

  4. Very impressed. He is the king of kids TV!

  5. Mr ‘Bumble’ is a massive hit here, I think Beastie would have eaten your hand off to swap places with you, although it wouldn’t have been a very exciting interview! I want to know what is so mesmerising about him? He’s got something though…

  6. Oh my…. I’m so utterly jealous. I thought I was going to like you seeing as Jane said I would… but I’m just so green with envy that I’m not sure I can think straight.

    THE Mr Tumble.

    You’ll be saying you had lunch with the Aquanaughts next…

  7. Nana Knickerbocker? Quite a name. Clearly I need to brush up on my toddler TV.

    Great interview, what a nice guy!

  8. granny from the north

    I think I need an education! I am not sure who Mr Tumble is (until now!) but know Frog’s cousin (2 years 8 months) will be VERY impressed as I think I saw her watching

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