Oh. Not again.

Those are my three favourite words at the moment.

I say “favourite” – what I actually mean is “most used”.

Frog’s started moving, you see, opening up a whole world of trouble. After spending the last five months bemoaning the laziness of my child and her refusal to shift, I now realise I should have basked in her lack of mobility while I could.

All those cups of tea I could go off and make while she lay happily under her baby gym, all those solitary toilet trips I could enjoy without having to worry what was going on in the next room.

Visits to the toilet are no longer enjoyable. I now find myself shooting a jet stream down the toilet so fast it could do the job of a pressure hose on a dirty pavement. God knows I haven’t got time to meander anymore.

The thing is, we’ve decided not to “baby proof”. I know, I know, shoot me now. Instead, we’re going by the “let her find out for herself that it really isn’t that interesting” method.

Inevitably, this means the bottom shelf of the TV cabinet still houses easily reachable computer paraphernalia like X-Tendo’s and Wi-Boxes which, clearly, I have no interest in. The same can’t be said of Frog though.

Anything with a button and a flashing light is the baby holy grail as far as she’s concerned. And because of our “let her find out for herself that it really isn’t that interesting” approach, I seem to spend most of my day running around after her attempting to limit the path of destruction she is intent on wreaking throughout the house.

“No interest”, my arse.

But the thing that really gets her going – the thing that beats even flashing lights and buttons – is, yes you guessed it, baby wipes. Any kind will do, she’s not fussy.

I’m sure you can guess what’s coming next. This is what greeted me after a lightning speed jet stream visit to the toilet earlier today:

Oh. Not again.

This post is my entry to this week’s Gallery over at Sticky Fingers. The theme today is “3 words”. 



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32 responses to “Oh. Not again.

  1. mummymummymum

    ha ha…I remember not baby proofing….

    We now have cupboards that remain eternally locked due to losing the fancy magnet that opens the child lock and 3 stairgates….

  2. marc

    you can not win,after 3 kids the baby wipe temptation is as strong as ever ,the wipes have a mystical “must empty contents”clause

  3. mum2babyinsomniac

    Haha, caught in the act! I am going through exactly the same thing with my little one, I am really hoping she gets bored of trying to climb up on the coffee table soon but I don’t actually know if she will! Hilarious how you described going for a wee, that is just what its like!

  4. Oh dear! 🙂 Will tissue manufacturers never understand how fairy-tale-wonderland it is to be able to pull floaty white things from a hum-drum box or packet?

  5. I don’t know what it is about them either, Jack manages to climb up his cupboard to get hold of a pack….and cleans his bedroom floor with them all. The other night he got his hands on the £8 tube of Vira Soothe chicken pox gel & squeezed it all over his bed.
    Make sure she doesn’t post things into the Wii, we’ve just replaced ours due to fiddle fingers breaking the first…..and he also has an annoying habit of taking the sky card out & putting it back in the wrong way round so I think the sky is broken….fall for it every bloody time!!

    • They’re clever aren’t they?! I’ve heard about the posting phase. My friend’s toddler posted a piece of toast into the DVD player once. Took a while to work out what was wrong with it!

  6. Hahaha guess what?? I wrote this post last night. No, really. All about how I should have made the most of the time when The Baby couldn’t move because she’s into everything. She’s yet to discover baby wipes though. Thank goodness! x
    PS my post’s going up tomorrow – tell me if it’s all painfully familiar x

  7. My three words. I told you.

    Never underrstimate the joy of a non moving baby.

    Also I give you a fortnight before proofing and moving everything to higher grounds begins xxxx.

  8. We haven’t babyproofed, either, although we did end up having to remove the knobs from the oven after I stepped into the house and realized the gas was on. We didn’t have any flame to indicate there was a danger. So, those knobs are in the cupboard between periods of cooking . . .

    Li’l D is absolutely the same about diaper wipes! 21 months, and he still wants to destroy

  9. He he, our babies have been in cahoots I think! Giggly Monster sound very similar to frog, and has only just started being in the move. Why, oh why did we complain?! Favourite activities include pulling/chewing electrical wires, opening and closing drawers and we have numerous photos of him under a mountain of babywipes/toilet roll, usually munching away. Yum. x

  10. Oh dear. Get used to it. In our case it didn’t stop for 3 years. And then she moved on to more important things. Imagine what can happen when they can reach the kitchen counter! Another couple of years and she will find where I keep my purse, then all hell will break loose. They don’t change what they do, they just change what interests them 😉

  11. Nel

    Time to get into the habit of putting the lid down on the toilet. Otherwise it offers hours of entertainment and a source of drinking water when thirsty… oh yes.

  12. You have lots of mischief ahead of you. Yesterday Beastie got hold of the Sudocrem pot twice and smeared it all over his hands as if it was hand cream. I thought at 2 he was over all that, now it’s back out of reach! A couple of months back he smeared vaseline all over his head. Attention seeking? I think so. Wipes are a fave though!

  13. i never baby proofed with my older two, think i may have to with my twins though, they are only 5 months old and a couple of days ago, i left them on their play mat to go make their milk, i come back and one had rolled across the room, wish i hadnt missed that! and wedged herself under the coffee table! oh the joys to come.. xo

  14. What is it with the wipes!??! And yes we “didn’t baby proof” either until the 8348738927432343 time I said, “No! That is Mommy’s.” Then I bought some locks. Because I was simply outnumbered.

    • I am seriously starting to consider locks. But then I know I’ll probably lose the keys. I can’t remember the last time I went into the shed – the key to the padlock has been gone nearly 6 months. x

  15. Oh she’s so cute sitting the wrecking havoc!

  16. And this is my baby brain. That comment was meant to include the words “but” and “there”.

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