Birthday love

6.43 am, 27th June 2010: the moment my life changed forever.

You are tiny, little Frog. Purple, you don’t even look human really. Your little feet are all crooked from where they’ve been scrunched up inside me  so long. Your little hands make angry fists.

The midwife asks if you are a girl or a boy. I say “A girl, I think”. And then burst into tears. I didn’t realise how much I’d secretly wanted a girl until I saw you.

That was how we met, you purple and me crying, this day 12 months ago.

It’s been a funny old year. I’ve had the best and worst moments of my life. Motherhood has raised me up, brought me down, chewed me to pieces and spat me out. But it spat me out whole.

I am me now, I just didn’t realise you were missing before.

Love is waking at 3am to a bed covered in poo and not (really) minding it. Love is smelling your hair. Love is seeing you clap when I walk into a room.

Happy Birthday Frog.

Love is you.

Brand new Frog

Sleepy Frog

Elvis Frog

Sightseeing Frog

Holiday Frog

Swimming Frog

Birthday Frog



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28 responses to “Birthday love

  1. “I am me now, I just didn’t realise you were missing before” What a beautiful sentence! Wishing Frog a very happy first birthday! Emma 🙂

    • Thank you! We’ve had a lovely day so far involving cake, paddling pools and nakedness – what more could you want from a birthday?! x

    • I’d copied the same sentence to paste and comment on! It’s such a lovely, succinct expression of what it’s like to be a mom. ♥

      The photo of sightseeing Frog is so, so very precious.

      Happy birthday, little Frog! And happy mommiversary to YOU!

      • “Mommiversary” – I love it. Does this mean I officially have a reason to demand presents too?

      • You bet it does! I wouldn’t have said the same a year ago, but one of my girlfriends fortunately disagreed. Her insistence it was a special day for both of us reminded me just how much more beautiful my life has been since Li’l D made a mom of me. So, yeah, you deserve (other) presents! *cheer*

  2. Happy Birthday Frog!

  3. Happy Birthday to Frog,
    happy Birthday to Frog,
    Happy birthday dear froglet
    Happy birthday dear frog.

    Have a lovely day with your rather exquisitie daughter,.

    we will see you next week to party on down….

  4. Caroline

    You made me cry! Happy happy birthday precious little friend! We love you 🙂 xxx

  5. Jane Clarke

    happy birthday Frog, have a wonderful day full of surprises

    jane and alan xxxx

    • Dear Jane and Alan, thank you for the lovely birthday message. I will see you soon! Love Frog. xxx (P.S. Don’t tell Mum I can type – she hates me messing around on her laptop).

  6. Vicky O'Leary

    That’s such a beautiful post and really sums up the way I think we all feel with our babies. Have a fantastic day x

  7. Nel

    Hope you all have a smashing day, happy birthday big girl!

  8. I’m all welled up! Beautiful post. Happy birthday Frog x

  9. A great post. Happy Birthday Frog x

  10. mummymummymum

    Happy birthday Frog! I hope you have a lovely day filled with pink and giggles. xx

  11. Oh how gorgeous. Lovely post, lovely pictures, and lovely mental images of poo-filled beds! Happy birthday, beautiful girl.

  12. granny from the north

    hi, just hoped to sneak in before midnight – late as usual! happy birthday to everyonexx

  13. This post makes me look forward to every bit of the coming year with my baby!

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