Who’s the Daddy? Part II

I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago.

It was all about the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine’s struggle at the beginning of fatherhood, both to bond with Frog and fit into his new “role” as a dad. The post had more comments than I’ve ever received on a single post. It was also highlighted in a video by Tara at Sticky Fingers in her talk about The Gallery at Cybermummy 11. And it was included in the Top Ten at Ten round up on the Tots 100.

None of that really matters though.

Because the reason I wrote the post was to share an experience we found tough, in the hope it may touch a chord with others who are going through a similarly difficult time. We came out the other side, you see. So it was a positive story.

This post also inspired me to write an article for Real Parenting about the subject. The NLM blamed much of his struggle in the early days on the fact I was breastfeeding. He said he felt “left out” and a “spare part”. It was a tricky time.

I wrote this article for Real Parenting with the help of three brilliant breastfeeding experts. They shared some great practical advice for couples who are breastfeeding, so they can avoid going through what we experienced. This isn’t a breastfeeding vs bottle article, this is a positive piece offering practical advice.

So I just thought I’d share it with you, in case it strikes another chord. Or, you know, you may even find it a little bit interesting.


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