She’s so lucky

When I told my mum I was pregnant with Frog, the first thing she said to me was “But I’m not ready to be a Grandma yet”.

Not quite the gushing words of congratulations I was hoping for.

But then Frog was born and I could tell it was love at first sight:

And the same was true of Frog’s Grandma and Granddad from the North. They didn’t meet her until a week after she arrived, but after a weekend of cuddles and barbecues, the bond was firmly sealed:

Frog is so lucky. She has two sets of grandparents who love her, look after her and play with her. They buy her beautiful toys, make her beautiful clothes and smother her in kisses. The only thing is, none of these grandparents live close by.

When Frog was first born, I wanted my mum. I wanted to be able to pop in for a cup of tea with my new baby. Or swing by for a Sunday roast. And when we saw the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine’s parents, I didn’t want them to go home. I liked the glasses of water Grandma from the North brought me while I was breastfeeding. I liked the way Granddad from the North took charge of the stinking runny nappies.

But over the last year, I’ve come to see the positives of living far apart from Frog’s grandparents. It means the time she gets with them is even more special. We’ve been on holidays abroad together, where Frog has been taught the art of the crossword by Granddad F:

We’ve been on daytrips to new places where Frog’s been pushed in her buggy like the Ruling Princess that she is:

We’ve had funny, melt-your-heart moments, like when Granddad F drove 200 miles to help Granddad from the North babysit while I went off on a jolly to see Take That. I still wish I could have seen the pair of them singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Frog in harmony, as they put her to bed.

So actually, it’s not that bad being far away from Frog’s grandparents. Because when we need them, they are here. They are here to help butter 50 rolls for a 1st birthday party. They are here to mow the lawn and fill the paddling pool and be generally the most helpful, brilliant grandparents you could wish for.

Frog is so lucky. She just doesn’t know it yet.

This post is my entry for this week’s Gallery, where the theme is Grandparents. Pop over to Sticky Fingers to see the rest.





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26 responses to “She’s so lucky

  1. This is beautiful. Lucky, lucky Frog! It’s everything anyone could wish for their child.

  2. We are lucky knowing them all too! What a privilege! 🙂

  3. Aw lovely. My mum is here at moment tis fabulous. She brings wine….

  4. What a fabulous photo of all of them together. Distance can be hard but also a blessing!

  5. Aww- she is a lucky little frog, indeed!.

  6. Everything about this entry made my heart sing, but the closing thought especially put something in both my eyes. Here’s to her understanding someday, when the time is right!

    My mom’s first thoughts were rather different than I expected: “How’d that happen? Like with you and Frog, those first words were no indication whatsoever of all the love and joy that was to be shared by the two!

    • I think a good grandparent / child relationship is a very special one. I still miss my Dada hugely and it’s one of life’s great regrets that he never got to meet Frog. I think he’d have rather liked her, although I suspect he wouldn’t have been hugely pleased that she’d been born before I was married! I hope Frog will understand how lucky she is one day – I’m sure she will as I’ll be constantly reminding her! x

      • I suspect he wouldn’t have been hugely pleased that she’d been born before I was married!
        This made me laugh aloud–struck a chord, as it were! My last voicemail from my mom (which I had converted to an audio file for my computer) is her sweetly reminding me, “Nevada really isn’t that far away. You could just hop in a car with your honey–husband!–right now and share the same marriage year as your son’s birth year. Now you know I’m not nagging . . . ”

        At the time, my response was 5 parts irritation, 5 parts amusement. Now, of course, it’s 5 parts amusement, 5 parts love. 🙂

        Also, I have a post I’ve been sitting on. I was waiting for the right time to post it. I think, in the wake of these exchanges . . . it’s time. ♥

      • You really must write it now! The time is defintely ripe…will look forward to reading. Your mum sounds like a hoot – I can almost hear her voice “gently reminding” you! x

      • The silly thing is that I’ve had it written for a few days. I did finally get the nerve to click “post,” though–and to good result!

        I always feel so vulnerable when I post things like that, but then . . . stronger and more supported afterward. Blogging rules, don’t you think? 😀

        My mom was totally a hoot, by the way. She always cracked jokes about everything, and made us feel hopeful no matter what was going on. One of her most useful tricks was “karate chicken.” There’s little toddler woe that can’t be resolved by making a chicken do kung fu, or, if a chicken is absent, doing your own ridiculous kung fu for your little one’s benefit. *giggle*

  7. She will realise how lucky she is in time and probably blog about it. Lovely photos – something very special how grandparents look at grandchildren.
    My Dad shares his love of crosswords with my children too. Mum was not like yours on hearing my pregnancy news but then she was 73 when baby arrived!

    • I think my mum would have said the same if she was 73 – she still doesn’t see herself as a “Grandma”. I know what you mean about the way children look at their grandparents. I love the way F gets excited when she sees hers! x

  8. really lovely post and love the last photo…. my son is also over 200 miles from each of his grandparents, sometimes a cup of tea would be so nice, just to pop in.

  9. awww definitely very lucky 🙂

  10. She really is lucky. My children’s grandparents are as follows:
    – Grandad 1 – deceased
    – Grandma 1 – 83 and lives in Yorkshire and can’t drive so they don’t see her often

    -Grandma 2 – lives in New Zealand – they’ve met her twice
    – Grandpa 2 – lives in South Africa – they’ve met him three times

    I would give anything to have my family living closer by

    • That puts my 200 miles into perspective. As much as I sometimes dream of living in the sunshine and relocating to another country, I know I’d miss the grandparents and aunties and uncles too much. We really are lucky to have them within a few hours drive, I know.

  11. She is very lucky indeed… Loved these photos full of love.

  12. Ghislaine Forbes

    Didn’t we tell you we are off to Australia to live when I retire? Sorry, we thought Devon was too “back of the woods”! Mind, we might sneak Freya off with us, love ma x

  13. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

  14. granny from the north

    Grandma love is four times as powerful as other kinds of love; it’s the love my mum had for me, combined with the love I have for my own children plus the love they have for their children and then to top it all the love that the little grandchild has for grandma! So no wonder it’s potent stuff…dont mess with it..or else!XX

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