I thought I’d grown up, but it turns out I haven’t

My face hurts from laughing.

It’s been one of those weekends where you look around at all your friends and family and realise how lucky you are. It’s also been one of those weekends when you realise you may be a mum now, but you’re really still just a big kid.

It was my hen do, you see.

And at this hen do, I realised I haven’t really changed from the little girl who liked putting on dance shows and sauntering around in tap shoes. I know I said recently that I’ve grown up and all that, but it turns out I lied.

Here’s why:

I still like dressing up…

I still find rude stuff funny…

I still like balloons…

I still have eyes bigger than my belly when it comes to food and drink…

 And I still harbour a not-so-secret desire to be the princess in a fancy chariot…

 Best. Night. Ever.

Love you friends.




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17 responses to “I thought I’d grown up, but it turns out I haven’t

  1. Ruth

    Love you, Mol! Such fun on Saturday. xxx

  2. louise

    did we ALL leave our balloons behind 😦

  3. Aw! This was a delight even to read about–so much more delight to have been there, I can tell!

    The “rude things” picture especially had me giggling. A “ditto!” to that from L.A.!

    On the princess front, a girlfriend and I were recently talking about how if I ever do decide to marry, my bachelorette party will involve everyone being made up as princesses. They’ve got princess-making down to an art at Disneyland, but sadly that’s only for the littler princesses–say, 10 and under. What’s missing is the princess kits for girls 11 and up! i was too busy being a tomboy when younger to consider dressing like a princess, so I have some make-up to do. 😉

  4. Congratulations! You look like you are having an ‘absolutely the bestest time of my life ever and ever and ever’

  5. Looks like a fab night had by all!! Love the pics 🙂 Hope the big day goes really well too

  6. FABULOUS! A friend got mugged on the way back from my hen night. Which, obviously, wasn’t funny. What was funny was the list of stuff that was in her handbag that she gave the police, ‘Wind-up willy, fluffy handcuffs, naked man playing cards…’

  7. Fabulous, good for you. Love those straws! Mich x

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