On being a new mum

This time last year my world was a very different place.

I had a new baby, which meant a new life. Gone were the days of rushing around a newsroom meeting all sorts of exciting people. Gone were the days of carefree nights out with my friends, set up on a whim after a glass of wine or two. I was a new mum. And I was lonely.

I was the first amongst my group of friends to have a baby. While I was busy Googling sleep solutions and dealing with dirty nappies, they were off being promoted and spending evenings in the pub – just because they could. I couldn’t expect my childless friends to be interested in the finer details of breastfeeding or the consistency of my daughter’s poo. But at the time, these were the subjects that dominated most of my waking hours.

And then there were the other mums. The “established” ones. The dab hands who already had a brood and made baby-care look oh-so-easy. They were the leaders of the playground, the cool kids. And I watched longingly from the sidelines wanting to be in their gang.

A year on, things are pretty different. I still have my lovely pre-baby friends, but they’re joined by the new friendships I’ve made over the last year. I’m no longer the lonely new mum, desperate not to get it all wrong. I’ve now accepted that I often will get it wrong, but that’s all part of motherhood. The days don’t stretch wearily ahead of me in a sleep-deprived, isolated fog like they used to. They now rush past in a blur, so that it’s bedtime before I’ve even realised what day of the week it is.

There were a few things that helped me get from the lonely sleep-deprived state to where I am today. I wrote about it for Plum Baby, who are sponsoring the Best Baby Blog category that I’m shortlisted in for the MAD Blog Awards. If you’re the me of last year, you may find it interesting.




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6 responses to “On being a new mum

  1. Am I an established mum? Please tell me I make it look easy…..

    Now where did I put the baby….

  2. I’ve now accepted that I often will get it wrong, but that’s all part of motherhood.
    This has been the greatest gift of motherhood, after my son himself. When I mentioned the as-yet-vaguely-planned #2 to Ba.D., I reassured him there will be less sobbing over all the various ways I might kill our infant–such as, for example, by feeding him from the bottle because for weeks he wouldn’t take to breastfeeding. Or I might run the bath a little too cool and destroy his entire temperature regulation system . . .

    Goodness, is it ever lovely being here!

  3. Jane is one of my many mummy role models (in a non-scary, unstalkerish way)

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