Cinderella shall go to the ball

Getting married is pretty expensive, as is saving for a house.

So I am hugely pleased that the wonderful Brother Max brand is sponsoring me to go to the MAD Blog Awards in London in September. I was all prepared to do my acceptance speech for the Best Baby Blog Award via video link on a big screen, but now it turns out I don’t have to.

Of course it could all go horribly wrong. This sponsorship malarkey could actually mean I’ll have to sit there and clap enthusiastically as one of the other finalists goes to accept their award.


As sponsors go, Brother Max couldn’t be a more perfect fit for Frog and I. Not only are they really rather lovely people (honestly – they’re not even paying me to say that), but they make some pretty amazing stuff. Take their combi bibs for example, perfect for messy eaters like Frog.

And then there’s their bath toy brush. This is the dream toy for a baby who has a penchant for preening, even if her hair style hasn’t quite caught on yet…

If preening and keeping clean isn’t your baby’s thing, then there are plenty of other innovative products from Brother Max which may catch your eye. Here are their latest offerings – don’t blame me if you suddenly feel the urge to start spending though…

So thank you Brother Max. Thank you for saving the day and sending me to that there London for the big night. Thank you for inventing beautiful things to keep my baby clean and preened. And thank you for being generally rather lovely people.

Now, who does one speak to about wedding sponsorship round here?!



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15 responses to “Cinderella shall go to the ball

  1. Oh how lucky to find a sponsor! I am in a similar situation though I am Cinderella without a Fairy Godmother thus far. Our wedding is 10th Sep, if only wedding sponsorship were a thing x x x

  2. mummymummymum

    Yea!! Congratulations Molly! x

  3. Bloomin’eck – you’re well organised 😀 Well done on finding a sponsor. I’m hoping to be there too, come hell or high water!!

    • I wish I’d been this organised about my impending wedding. You better be there – didn’t get to meet you at CyberMummy (as I didn’t go) but I want to make up for it at The MADs!

  4. I think you could recoup some of the wedding costs by selling souvenirs at the event, Royal Wedding style: mugs, plates, etc. Congrats again for the MADS, that will be fun!

  5. There’s always ‘Hello!’ 😉 But that might not work if your dress isn’t pink…

  6. Big well done love. See you there! Mich x

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