Old friends

Being a mum just got fun.

It’s all to do with the bedtime. Frog was given some books for her 1st birthday, you see. Special books. Books which have an important place in my own childhood.

I’ve already banged on about how there’s been a story before bed since Frog was about four months old. Up until now, it’s always been the same one: Bedtime with Humphrey.

Don’t get me wrong. Humphrey’s a lovely little elephant and all that. But nine months of him is enough for anyone. By my calculations, we’ve read this book at least 270 times – I now know it off by heart. So it was time for a change.

After nearly two weeks of hell at bedtime, with Frog refusing to give in and go to sleep, preferring to shout and scream and wail in a (rather overly dramatic fashion) “Mamamamama”, I thought I’d bring a bit of Dogger to the bedtime table.

For those of you unfamiliar with children’s books, this isn’t some kind of seedy story about the act of driving to unfamiliar country roads to watch strangers do naughty things to each other (read: Dogging for that).

It’s a gorgeous book by Shirley Hughes about a boy who loses his favourite toy. I won’t spoil the ending, but if you grew up in the late 70s or 80s, you’ll probably know it anyway.

And just like magic, after an evening of Humphrey (we’re not quite ready to completely let go yet) and Dogger, Frog went to sleep. No tears. No dramatic wails. Just quiet thumb-sucking and blissful sleep.

So the next night we tried a bit of Peace At Last, another one of my childhood favourites. And what do you know? Result.

Tonight we’re going to introduce the Ahlberg’s classic Peepo! And there’s a whole list of other old faithfuls waiting in line after that.

But you can never have too many books. So what were your favourite childhood reads? Maybe I’ll add them to Frog’s bedtime reading list – we’re still looking for one to knock Humphrey off the top spot.



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20 responses to “Old friends

  1. Jane Clarke

    Mr and Mrs pigs evening out/Dogger/The tiger who came to tea/Noisy Nora/The hungry caterpiller.

    I enjoyed reading them to Louise and Helena

  2. I loved Dogger as a child! And I love Peace at Last 🙂 My boy’s interested in books – but more in chewing them than listening to stories… Am hoping that will change soon!

  3. Brown bear brown bear….

  4. How come my Baby’s wired wrong?? Books get her all riled up and excited, not good at bedtime. Anyway, old favourite (daytime) stories are Each Peach Pear Plum and Guess How Much I Love You. Although I never get through that without blubbing like a fool x

  5. I love Dogger and Peepo. I also love Where The Wild Things Are, although my three year old has gone off it, and I haven’t introduced it to the one year old yet.

  6. diaryofapremmymum

    I like ‘goodnight moon’ perfect for frog as the story so simple and very engaging for very small people!
    I am your new ‘follower’ by the way! 🙂

  7. mum2babyinsomniac

    My dad used to read me the old noddy books, I used to love them. I have been finding them all in charity shops and building up a collection for Iyla but the only thing she will sit through is In The bloody Night Garden! I might have to try some of your suggestions though as I am so sick of hearing about Iggle Piggles lost blanket!

    • We have In the Night Garden too, but I can’t bear it. Have tried it once and luckily Frog lost interest (unlike when the TV programme is on!) so haven’t had to read it again. Yet.

  8. I’ve never read/heard of Dogger till now!

    My favorite books when I was little were the Mr./Miss books with blobby quirky characters of a very specific nature. Many of my favorite kids books were actually books I found after childhood, though!

    Current favorites:
    Anything “Maisy”
    Wherever You Are
    Goodnight Moon (of course!)
    Guess How Much I Love You (♥)

    Li’l D’s earliest favorite was No, David!

    • This Guess How Much I Love You keeps coming up – sounds familiar but I don’t think we have it. It’s going on the list! Mr / Miss books are brilliant, but Frog lacks attention for them at the moment.. And the others are definitely going to have to be investigated. The list is getting long!

  9. The Tiger Who Came for Tea and anything about Mog – both by Judith Whatsit. And of course the Hungry Caterpillar!

  10. Oh, oh, I love this post! I have so many books to suggest, but I’ll be nice and limit it to the four I’ve memorized from reading them too often (to the Boy, the Girl won’t sit still long enough to read a book):

    Goodnight Moon (!!!)
    The Napping House
    Pajama Time (though must be read in a very enthusiastic manner)
    Green eggs and ham (but I think Frog’s still too little for this one).

    • I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Goodnight Moon – it’s come up twice now. Could this be the one to knock Humphrey off the top spot?! Loving the sound of The Napping House. That sounds like my kind of house…

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