Wetting pants and the Gurgle Blog Awards

This lunchtime, after putting the baby to bed and attempting for the umpteenth time to finish the damn table plan for the impending wedding (mine, that is), I decided to brave my inbox. It’s something I’ve been avoiding recently, as five minutes into checking emails and the wedding “to do” list has increased from ten to fifty items. So I’d prefer to keep my head in the sand.

On this particular occasion though, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’ve just found out I’m a finalist in the Gurgle Blog Awards. I’m one of five to be shortlisted in the Best Funny Mummy Blog category.

Now, this is rather ironic, as for the past two weeks I’ve been anything but funny. Grumpy, yes. Funny, no. With the wedding just eleven days around the corner, a crawling baby intent on “helping”, work coming out of my ears and a house that resembles a cross between a mad wedding planner’s lair and the “before” shots of How Clean is Your House, I’ve not spent much time smiling. Until this lunchtime.

So I can only assume the judges picked me as a finalist because they felt sorry for me after I wet my pants in public, farted in public, or flashed my bits at a fireman (in public).

Anyway, I’m not complaining – but you may soon be. Because now I’ve been shortlisted I’m going to start begging asking nicely for votes. From you. Just one click could be the difference between me winning £250 in Mothercare vouchers, or ending up a drunken mess after drowning my sorrows at being a complete failure. No pressure then.

You can vote for me here.

And you can read my latest post here.





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15 responses to “Wetting pants and the Gurgle Blog Awards

  1. Congratulations on being a finalist! 11 days to go! Will be us soon after that x x The Gurgle Awards Ceremony is two nights before our wedding! Blogger Hen Party???

  2. Yea!!! Well done Molly! You are still funny when you are grumpy by the way! xx

  3. My vote is cast in your favour. After all, I did laugh (with you, not at you, I promise) when I read about your post-partum training.

  4. Well done! I have voted 🙂 x

  5. ooo congratulations, I voted for you, or nominated you.. I am not quite sure. Anyway I followed the links. Good luck and good luck with the wedding planning.

  6. well done you!

    clearly I have voted and will be your campaign manager….x

  7. No pressure, eh? Count on my vote, even apart from any non-pressure! 😉

  8. Congratulations again. I offer you two things: my vote and the friendly advice not to have a table plan. Free for alls are much more fun.

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