The night before the rest of my life

I’m getting married in the morning. No really, I am.

I’ve managed to hoodwink persuade a real-life, actual man to promise to spend the rest of his life with me. I know, I can’t believe it either.

The man in question isn’t in the house this evening. He’s been turfed out into a nearby hotel, along with about ten million family members from all corners of the country. They’re all in separate rooms though, obviously.

As a result, today has been one of pampering and nice-smelling things. While my aunt and uncle entertained Frog for the day, I had my hairy toes seen to, my face polished and my finger nails neatened, all in a room that smelt of flowers. I then came home to find my wedding dress laid out on my bed for me, along with a card from my mum.

It was at that point that I cried. My mum made my dress, see. And the card contained a photograph of her holding me as a baby. *sob* (Needless to say, when I rang her sobbing, she told me to get a grip.)

After spending the evening cuddling my daughter, eating pizza with my bridesmaids and opening the first flurry of cards, I finally feel like a bride. It’s finally sunk in that I’m getting married in the morning. OH MY GOD I’M GETTING MARRIED IN THE MORNING!

And I don’t feel nervous. I don’t feel sick. I just feel the little butterflies start to flap their wings in my stomach, as I imagine the day ahead and seeing the NLM waiting at the end of that long walk for me, ready to put a ring on my finger.

It’s the night before the rest of my life – and I can’t bloody wait.



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20 responses to “The night before the rest of my life

  1. And we can’t wait either!!!

  2. How wonderful. You have a very exciting time ahead and tomorrow will be simply amazing. Have an incredible day and make sure you take a step back every so often to cherish each minute.

    CJ xx

  3. Have a fantastic time!!!

  4. Sam

    Congratulations! That was a lovely post. I hope your wedding day was everything you dreamed it would be. All the very best for a happy future together.

  5. 🙂 aww.. a picture of you and your mum on the card by the dress.. That is sooo sweet! It actually makes me emotional and I have never met either of you which is ridiculous 🙂

  6. Enjoy every second. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Just think this time tomorrow you’ll be half northern xxx

  7. Much love. Thinking of you.
    Have a great day and enjoy it!

  8. I confess to having tears this side o’ the ocean (and the United States), too. ♥ I hope it is a wonderful beginning to a wonderful life officially together!

  9. What a beautiful idea of your mum’s – it nearly had me in tears I’m not surprised you sobbed! Have a wonderful day!! Can’t wait to read all about it x

  10. I nearly cried when I read about the dress and the photo! I know you’ll both have a fantastic, exhausting loved-up day. congratulations Molly & NLM. (Are you gonna be Mrs Love-Machine?)

  11. ‘Mrs Love-Machine’ – new name for the blog?

  12. Wonderful. Have an amazing day.

  13. Ahhhh have an amazing day! Can’t wait to read about it! x

  14. Congratulations – as i write this you may well already be married ! Very exciting – all the best for married life x

  15. Hope you ‘big’ day was just fabulous!!! Enjoy every minute 🙂

  16. Ria

    Good luck for the day! Xx

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