The one about the wedding

It’s 7am and the house is silent, waiting.

I’m the first one to wake. Butterflies are dancing in my stomach. I haven’t felt this way since Christmas Day when I was nine.

It’s my wedding day.

Next to me, still fast asleep, is one of my best friends and bridesmaids, Ruth. We had an early night after a glass of wine and some pizza with my sister and other best friend, Ellen. The baby is still asleep in her bedroom next door.

I pad downstairs and put the kettle on, to try and still the dancing butterflies. I open the back door to check the weather and smile as the sun touches my face.

Only girls are allowed past the threshold this morning. Well, only girls and my dad…

For breakfast we have bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, washed down with ice cold Bucks Fizz. I blame the fizz for the fact I’m an emotional wreck as I read the card left for me by my future husband, the (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine…

Upstairs, the hairdresser is busy laying out her wares as she pulls out the big guns in an attempt to tame my wild hair.

And then the flowers arrive. They’ve been delivered by the wonderful Lindsay at The White Horse Flower Company. They’re so beautiful they make me cry. Which is handy really, because it distracts me from the fact I look like I’ve escaped out of a 1980s horror show…

It’s now the fun begins. My sister and Ellen, the other two bridesmaids, arrive after a night at a hotel nearby. They’ve come to slap on the make-up and beat the frizz into submission. And then my future mother-in-law, sister-in-law, flower girl (Frog’s cousin), lovely friend and mum and dad beat down the door. It’s a full house.

After beautification I finally get to slip my feet into these beauties…

But not before bathing Frog and getting her into her outfit for the day…

Now it’s time for the dress. The one my mum has spent the last six weeks making. The one we designed together after finding some beautiful 1940s inspiration. The one we went into London’s Shepherds Bush to find the material for. It’s made from silk crepe and lace. I want to wear it every day.

The house is quiet now. I’m done up to the nines, with a huge pair of pants hidden under my beautiful dress. I’m too scared to move in case I tread on my veil (also made lovingly by my mum, complete with the diamond strap from my great aunt’s 1940s ballroom dress).

After ferrying a car load of pretty girls to the wedding venue, my mum and dad return, ready to drive me to meet my future husband, who’s currently putting the finishing touches to his own outfit…

Once he’s safely tucked away at the front of the barn, I can arrive to meet my bridesmaids and help persuade the Registrar this definitely isn’t a sham marriage…

And now for the wedding. My face aches from the smile plastered across my face. I just can’t help it. It’s either smile or give in to the emotion bubbling away in my throat. And as soon as I see the NLM, the smile just gets wider…

And so, we’re married. Mr and Mrs. Although I reserve the right not to be referred to as Mrs (self-proclaimed) Northern Love Machine.

While we frolic (this is probably the only time in my life I’ll be able to use this word to describe something I’ve actually done) in the grounds of Ufton Court, our friends and family munch on cream tea, drink Proscecco, bounce on castles, watch a magician and play with giant games…

And you know I said the bridesmaids are pretty? Well they really are…

Before the meal, I get a chance to catch up with my mum and my grandma, who shares her 87th birthday with our wedding day. (As well as my wedding dress, my mum made my grandma’s dress, her own dress and the two flower girl dresses. I’m considering hiring her out and making some money from her talents.)

The cream tea’s taken an edge off the hunger, so we move into the beautiful Elizabethan barn for speeches before more food. It’s now that my dad makes me cry (again), and the NLM’s two brothers (and best men) pull off a brilliant speech, as does the NLM himself.

It’s also now I realise that a week of making and decorating mini jars of chutney as place names was worth it…

And the decision to go with jam jars and bird cages for the flowers was a winner…

As was the idea to ditch a traditional table plan and guest book.

And although my grandfather may not be there this time, he sort of is. As are the NLM’s grandparents. They get to watch from their own wedding photographs…

After the speeches…

…there’s a barbecue and bottles and bottles of wine, followed by cake and dancing…

That first dance? We choose Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. And yes, there’s  a touch of choreography. Which makes the NLM’s mum very happy…

And then more dancing. And drinking. And dancing. And drinking.

With a spot of apple picking thrown in for good measure…

So this is us. Our new family. The Weavers:

And that’s it. I promise you. No more wedding posts.

Unless a certain video of a certain first dance happens to turn up. And then I can’t promise anything…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Special mention

I have a friend. She’s a very special friend. She’s also very talented.

This friend took these photos of my wedding day. I couldn’t blog about the best day of my life without these pictures, so this post is written with the help of  Caroline Gue, who is an incredible photographer and who you should definitely hire if you’re thinking of getting married any time soon.



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82 responses to “The one about the wedding

  1. Oh Molly, I have a tear in my eye! You are beautiful, Frog is beautiful, the NLM is very handsome! I LOVE the birdcages, the tags, the photos of Grandparents….and your dress is amazing as are your shoes!! Looks like it was a wonderful day. xxxx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous – every bit of it! Congratulations x

  3. Oh Molly (and nlm) these are stunning, I have jealousy that I wasnt there.

    You look beautiful as does frog as does him indoors.

    All the detail is amazing – where were you when I was trotting up the aisle.

    Completly stunning, you have taken my breath away!

    Jane (and Liam – cos he thinks the pictures are fabulous as well!)


  4. Vicky O'Leary

    So beautiful, all of it! Really happy for you and so glad is was all as perfect as you hoped it would be x

  5. Wow. Amazing dress, amazing mum, amazing photos, amazing post! So happy you had an amazing day, and thanks for sharing it with us!!

  6. Very sweet story told with very pretty pictures. Good for you!

  7. oh wow, what an amazing day…..I think that your wedding looks like the most perfect wedding that I’ve ever seen – I love all the non traditional stuff with the flowers & guest messages and old wedding photos…what a beautiful family you have, and what a clever Mum you have.
    Congratulations again, you are very very lucky
    (oh god I’m going to blub….)

  8. Wow, congratulations on what looks like an amazing day! And what great taste/style you have – all so beautiful.

  9. Congratulations!! Your photos are really beautiful and your theme so lovely!! It really shows it was an amazing day, unique to you and filled with SO much happiness… Exactly how it should be!!

  10. nanny sophie

    Molly.. wow! everything is beautiful!! well done! 🙂 xxxxxx

  11. I don’t know where to start! Wow, your wedding looked just amazing. Flowers – just perfect, dress – you looked exquisite, reception – loving the tea party vibe. Photos – love, love, love the style of the photos and I will recommend Caroline to my friends. She is brilliant

    Congratulations, looks like you had a fantastic day! Wishing you all the best for your futures x

    • Ah thank you, what a lovely comment! You’re right, Caroline’s photographs are amazing. And they didn’t encroach on the day at all, we had hardly any posed pictures which meant we just got to enjoy the day with our family and friends while Caroline captured it all. x

  12. Thanks for a brilliant post. You captured the day beautifully. I love the old wedding photos – what a great idea. Would steal that if I wasn’t already married! Love the last photo – your little family. Perfect.

  13. Mammasaurus

    I found myself welling up looking at those lovely photos ! That last one is amazing !
    Oh yes and if there are any cupcakes left ….

  14. You’ve made me all emotional – and I haven’t even had any bucks fizz…You look absolutely stunning. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  15. Oh that is the most beautiful wedding! From the flowers to the jam jars, and your gorgeous bridesmaids! I love a good wedding! But you lovely lady look stunningly beautiful! Many congratulations. x

  16. Beautifully written, I feel like I was there. Felt emotional cos it’s all so beautiful. Loved the flowers, jam jars, dress, Grandma’s birthday and stunning photos. What a perfect fairytale. Worth the blogging build up over the months. And the NLM looked very handsome.

    • I’ll pass that on to the NLM – he normally hates himself in photos but actually likes these ones! Thanks for your lovely comments, I loved writing the post and reliving it all over again. x

  17. Molly – it has been such an incredible privilege to get to know you and your gorgeous family and it was a real honour to be able to tell your story – what a lucky friend I am! I have to admit to shedding a little tear reading this – it really was all absolutely perfect and that’s all down to your amazing creativity and endless hard work! You are so very talented – maybe we should become wedding planners???!! Thank you for my special mention, lovely friend xxx Love you!

    • You’re more than welcome. Your photographs are beautiful and will help us relive the day for years to come. And your husband and gorgeous son aren’t too bad either – thank you for coming and helping to make it such a special day! x x x

  18. Marrying a Northern man called Simon seems a lot easier than I am lead to believe it would be!
    Love the photos!

  19. Very happy for you! You look wonderful!

  20. MrsJones

    I got married in July and your blog post has written the exact way I felt on our wedding day. You looked beautiful and so very happy. Caroline also did our wedding and I can agree 10000000000% that she is so talented and creates the most beautiful pictures. She’s also a fab addition, all our guests were raving about her.

    • She’s brilliant isn’t she?! I love the way Caroline’s photographs capture every tiny moment, it’s like watching the wedding day back all over again. Thanks for your lovely comments, and congratulations on being newly married! x

  21. That was so beautiful…I actually teared up! It looks so perfect and everyone looks so happy. I love all your non-traditional touches. I now want to re-new my vows! xxx

  22. I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now and so glad I clicked on today! You look stunning Molly. Gorgeous Photo’s and stunningly beautiful flowers by my friend Lindsay! If I ever get married again would love to make all the finishing touches myself, you are an inspiration and thank you for sharing your beautiful phot’s with us!

    • Ah what a lovely comment, thank you so much! Lindsay’s flowers really were stunning – it’s like she was inside my head and knew exactly how I had pictured it all. She’s brilliant! x

  23. Sam Ranieri

    Tears rolling down my face!!! Gorgeous, such individual style. Much love and happiness to you and your family xx

  24. WOW… what beautiful photographs! I had a little tear rolling down my face by the time I got to the end of your post. What an absolutely gorgeous dress! It looks like such a classy English wedding, and you look so happy together! Congratulations! Emma 🙂

    • Thank you Emma, it was an incredible day. Looking back at the pics I don’t know how I managed to hold it together as I walked down the aisle. I was fighting back the tears with my huge grin! x

  25. ooh wow. you look amazing. Your dress is stunning (can’t believe your mum made that!) and the whole day just looks perfect. Well done you and here’s to a very happy life together

  26. Helly

    First dance video will be in the post tomorrow, I am starting to think I should charge for my filming expertise :0)))
    Brilliant post Molly and a wonderful day xx

  27. I have tears in my eyes, how lovely and you looked beautiful. Your mum is mega talented, is she really not making money from doing it already?! I hope you enjoying life so far as a Mrs! X

    • She is mega talented isn’t she?! She used to make loads of our clothes as children, but her day job was as a drama teacher. Maybe now she’s retired she’ll consider a new career direction! x

  28. Deborah the Closet Monster

    I love that photo on the swing, but all are gorgeous. Most gorgeous of all, of course, is you. With misty eyes, I say–congrats!!

  29. Wowsa hot stuff! Congratulations!!!

  30. What a lovely day you had! And what a beautiful memento … congratulations to you all

  31. What a post! I’m so pleased you had such a perfect day. I haven’t commented on your blog for a while as have been without internet for two months (I know!!) but I have been following you on my phone. We are off on hols tomorrow and I was VERY concerned that I would have to wait to read The One About The Wedding. Phew, panic over! Congratulations guys!!x

  32. Wow. What a magical day. I had tears in my eyes just reading about it. So from me to you:

    May your marriage be modern enough to survive the times, but old fashioned enough to last forever.

    You looked stunning

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  35. granny from the north

    Hello, not able to put into words what the day was like! So the photos say it all. (thank you Caroline). As mother of the groom and best men, wife of NLM’s dad, grandma of the flower girls, mother in law of two amazing women too – it was a perfect blending of our familites. We are so proud of you both. Thank you for making us feel so included and loved. All us up north had a fantastic time – you reminded us what life is really about – LOVE!!
    And tying all those pesky violet ribbons round the chille jam (very good by the way) was worth while! XXXXXX

  36. granny from the north

    PS your mum and dad and familiy are now our friends so that is another plus!

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  38. simon forbes

    I love my daughters so, so much, I’m just so glad that I didn’t bugger up Mols’ wedding day. This blog and all the wonderful comments fill me to brimming with tears and love, Mols, Frog, Simon and all those wonderful friends. Yes, Ghislaine, MY wife, is amazing. If I should die tomorrow my cup will have more, so much more than full.

  39. What a pleasure it was to be part of your day. The venue looked amazing with all your touches and what a lovely family you have. I love your photographs so much that I have put some of them on our gallery website –! Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness.
    best wishes

    • Thanks for the comment Julia. Couldn’t recommend Ufton Court enough – beautiful venue with a wonderful lady in charge (who is very good at finding emergency biscuits for crying babies!).

  40. Rachel

    I am getting married at Ufton Court next summer and you have inspired me to make chutney/jam for favours – what a fab idea! The wedding looked amazing and I am even more excited now!

  41. Katie

    I LOVE your wedding dress. You and your mum are so clever, beautifully designed and made.

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