Footsteps down memory lane, in my pretty shoes

It’s funny how something as mundane as a pair of shoes can evoke a memory in just the same way as a smell or a taste.

I’ve already blogged about the NLM’s slow-starter of a relationship with Frog. When she was tiny she was so reliant on me and my boobs, he felt a bit pushed out. He didn’t know how to interact with this shrivelled little person that looked like an old man, yet he wanted desperately to be a “good dad”.

Christmas was a turning point for us. Frog suddenly got interesting, with her raspberry blowing and squeals of laughter. Now, whenever I see her little red shoes, I’m reminded of this picture, which perfectly sums up the changing relationship between Frog and her dad.

And then we have the shoes I wore last weekend when I got married.

Originally I bought a pair of bridal shoes from John Lewis for £120. I liked them, but I could only ever see me wearing them once, on my wedding day. They were just so, well, bridal.

It wasn’t until a few days out later when I chanced upon these beauties in Next, for a bargain price of £30 that I knew my heart belonged elsewhere. The lace on the shoes went perfectly with the lace on my dress and the heel was high enough to disguise the one foot height difference between my future husband and I.

I know I’ll wear them again. And when I do, I’ll remember how they took me down the aisle to meet the man I would vow to spend the rest of my life with.

They do bloody hurt though.


This is my entry for this week’s Gallery. Pop over to Sticky Fingers to see the rest.



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16 responses to “Footsteps down memory lane, in my pretty shoes

  1. They look agonisingly beautiful but I am afraid frogs are cute……

    And as for Nlm has the man not heard of boot polish? Bloody youth of today, don’t know there born…..

  2. Clearly I mean their…..

  3. What gorgeous little shoes…and your are lovely too! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh – your wedding shoes are amazing, so high! no wonder they hurt.

  5. Love your shoes! They were a bargain for £30! x

  6. Catherine Ross

    My wedding shoes were hot pink suede, peep-toe platform stilettos. They are my favourite ever shoes and every time I unwrap them from their tissue paper, I’m transported back to that day. I’ve worn them loads.

  7. I like the first bit and then the second bit too particularly how you make that firm commitment to your man. Well done you, good to hear.

  8. Ohh loving your shoes and I adore wearing my wedding shoes as they do indeed always remind me of the special day, even years later.
    Mich x

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